Triangle Watercolor Art

Easy Watercolor Crayon Wall Art

One of my big goals this year is to get our house as “ready” as possible. We still have almost no art on the walls and the walls aren’t painted; we’re dealing with a really basic and boring blank slate. We need art on the walls. We need it bad. A house never feels like a home when the walls are bare and since moving into our house I haven’t hung up anything because I want this house to be different.

Our last house (the one we rented that Ty and I still miss because we have so many wonderful memories of) was really neutral. The living room and dining room were yellow and the kitchen was green. All of the art I hung was complimentary to the wall colors. It had a really comfy and laid back vibe and I think I styled the rooms well. I don’t want a lot of neutral in this new house of ours. I want simple wall colors but I also want a lot of bright colors. Everywhere. They make me happy and this house is a huge accomplishment for us so we need to spice it up and make it a home.

Watercolor Triangle Wall Art

The first step: some entry way wall art.

The tools: watercolor crayons, and old frame from Ikea, water, and a nail.

This was my first time using watercolor crayons. I was scurred. I am normally a mess when it comes to watercolor. I am not good at it. Never have been. These cheap-o crayons saved me. Seriously. This was fun! I just drew out shapes with the crayons. Wet them down with water and spread ’em out with a small brush. The darker I colored- the darker and more vivid the color. At first I only wanted a few triangles. I quickly changed my mind and decided to cover most of the paper.

watercolor crayon art base

I love the way this looks. It is so nice to look at when I walk in the door. The bright colors make me happy and while it is just one tiny 11×14 piece of art, it is a start to what I want our house to feel like.

Triangle watercolor art

(you can tell in the last picture how hideous our wall paint is. It is some sort of peachy-beigey-yellow frightfest)

2 thoughts on “Triangle Watercolor Art

  1. That first pic reminds of those little paper “footballs” that boys made in like first grade, then you flick it through the “goal post” (which was a friend making it w/ their hands). I wonder if kids still do this…probably not, as I assume when they’re bored they just pull out their iPhones. Generations of fun LOST. Tragic.

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