2013 Goals

2013 goals

Each year Ty and I list out our goals. You can read the previous year’s goals here: 2012. .We usually do this at the end of the year but this year we didn’t get it done until mid January. One of the most obvious things about our goals this year is that they revolve around a couple major things:

  1. Our new house. We have a crapload of stuff to do to it. Still. I had this glorious idea that we would move in and then it would be painted in a month or two. Ha! We have some big projects coming up and we really want to pay those off and save for the, drumroll please…backyard makeover next year (2014). It’s gonna be pricey. Big time. We are hiring someone to completely redo our backyard (it’s useless for us to even try. We need retaining walls, re-leveling, a new deck, pathways, etc). My guesstimate? Around 10-15k. Yowch.
  2. Our new baby! Caleb’s little sibling. We have a lot to do before he/she comes and since my energy has finally come back, I am ready to tackle a lot of small projects and try to be as prepared as possible.

There are a lot of other things on the list that are exciting too. Like our upcoming trip to Hawaii in December. Yep, we’re taking both kids and I am EXCITED! (We’re going with family and Caleb’s Ya-Ya has already volunteered to be on kid duty so we can do some alone activities. What a kind gift!) I’m also really hopeful that I will get hired on as a full time professor and Tyler plans to go back to school and finish his degrees.

Here they are listed out:

  • organize office/garage
  • smaller baby/no dystocia
  • finish Caleb’s room
  • Ty finish school
  • Jenn get tenure position
  • homebirth
  • meet our new baby
  • potty train Caleb
  • big kid bed
  • safe for AC install
  • swingset
  • be healthier
  • headboards
  • payoff roof/furnace
  • paint ceilings
  • paint living room/kitchen/baby room
  • vapor barrier in crawl space
  • get Caleb to sleep through the night
  • Hawaii trip in December
  • Save for backyard renovation
  • Caleb swim lessons

Lots to do/experience this year. We are really excited!

6 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. Ha! I always love your goal lists! Hasn’t the goal of Ty finishing school been on every goal lists since like 2006!

  2. Also, random, but I remember back in the early days of your blog when Ty was simply, endearingly, referred to as “man friend.”

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