Square Valentine’s Day Wreath

I wanted to make a quick and easy wreath for Valentine’s Day and I really loved the square look of the Whipperberry wreath. This is a really simple wreath and all I used was a cheap scrapbook frame, paint, yarn and a glue gun.

Square Valentine's Day Wreath

I painted the frame white so that it would look nice “peeking” out behind the yarn. From there I just wrapped the frame in yarn and glued it. To make the weird white web-type-pattern I just wrapped yarn on the hooks on the back of the frame (the ones that keep the pictures in place) and then hot glued it.007



From there, I made a few pom-poms and then glued them on. That’s it! easy, simple, square Valentine’s Day wreath!


I think it could look really cool with a lot more yarn wrapped around the wood frame and the white yarn would look really nice on a darker door but I wanted to keep it quick and simple. It works for us and livens up our front entrance.

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