Caleb Says…

(Opening his mouth to drink the shower water)
Caleb: I drinkin’ shower!

(We are are getting out of the car in the pouring rain)
Caleb: Oh no! It raining water!

(Walks up to our older next door neighbor who has gray hair and a roundish belly)
Caleb: Hi, Santa Claus.

(Having conversations with himself- on different occasions)
Caleb: Here you go Chloe. You want some? No. OK.
Caleb: Cake pop. Yeah. You want some? OK. Thank you.
Caleb: Hold on tight. Be careful. You OK? Yeah,

(Rubbing my back)
Caleb: I rubbing Mommy’s back with hand.

(After Grandma left)
Caleb: Gramma, where are you? She be back soon. I miss you. Bye.

Caleb: Ca-ub baby belly!
Me: Oh, you have a baby in your belly!?
Caleb: Yeah.
Me: What are you going to name your baby?
Caleb: Sarah! (our friend who is pregnant. He might be a little confused).

(When he does something crazy or sees something weird, sometimes while covering his face in shock)

(Playing with a fart/burp sounds piano on the iPad)
Caleb: Oh gross! P-U! I fartin! (giggling uncontrollably)

(Visiting our neighbor…who’s names Caleb never remembers)
Caleb: Hi people!

(Sitting in a machine operated helicopter)
Caleb: Daddy, put in money!

(Taking a super long shower)
Caleb: Oh no, I pee!
Me: That’s OK. You can pee in the shower.
Caleb: OK, thank you! (shuts shower curtain in my face).076

(Running around our house full speed)
Caleb: I Spiderman!!! I flyin’!

(At random intervals throughout the day, Caleb runs up to us and hugs us and says)
Caleb: (in a really sweet voice): I miss you.

(Disciplining Chloe for no reason)
Caleb: Bad Chloe! Chloe sit! Go bed!

(After gearing Butters get in trouble for eating his cereal bar)
Caleb: Bad Bubby! Bad dog, cereal bar!
(Pets Butters)
Caleb: Good doggie.

Me: Caleb, come here so I can change your diaper.
Caleb: No. I hiding Mommy. (Covers eyes). I hiding! I can’t seeeee you.

Me: Caleb, you slept in your big kid bed all night! I am so proud of you!
Caleb: I get sticker!?

(Standing in the bathroom)
Caleb: I wash hands and go to work.

(Driving one night)
Caleb: Fast! Fast!
Ty: I can’t go fast here.
Caleb: FAST!!!!

(Laying next to Chloe on the floor)
Caleb: Chloe. Listen to Deadmau5.

(Sitting next to Tyler after he got home from work)
Caleb: We buddies.

(Picking his nose in the car on the way to Ya-Ya’s house)
Caleb: I show Ya-Ya I pickin’ nose.047

(At our friends’ Christmas party. Walking up to every single person, numerous times)
Caleb: How you doin!?

(Driving through the the tunnels in Seattle)
Caleb: We hide in tunnels!

(Chloe was making a lot of noise in the back of the car)
Caleb: Chloe, RELAX!!!

(We came home and saw a wrapper Butters has gotten into)
Caleb: (runs over to Butters with the wrapper) Butters, what’s this!?!?

(While laying on Butters, smothering her)
Caleb: You want to snuggle Caleb? Yeah, OK. Bubby owie in ears. Be careful. You wanna play with iPad? Yeah, OK.


(Right after waking up)
Caleb: Choo Choo Train!

Me: I like your hat.
Caleb: I look cute!

Caleb: I read Cop on Pop! I turning page. I helping!

(running up and attacking us)
Caleb: I pider-man! I Buzz Lightyear! AND BEYOND!

(As Caleb is throwing all of his crayons and markers out of his bin)
Me: Caleb – you need to take a bite of your sandwich.
Caleb: I workin’ on somethin.

(While sitting on the potty)
Caleb: Mommy close door.
Me: Do you want me to leave?
Caleb: Yeah.
(I leave and open the door to check on him)
Caleb: CLOSE!

(In the car, I drove over the turtles on the road)
Caleb: ‘scuse you. The car parted. (how he says “farted”)


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