Pregnancy Two – Part I

Back when I announced my pregnancy with Caleb (here), I didn’t keep track of my weekly symptoms (probably because I just had nausea at night and could manage it) but it’s been hell, so I am doing it this time. Namely so I will remember that I vowed this was our last! With Caleb I basically just logged my random Aches and Pains.

Here are some basic similarities between Caleb and this baby in terms of HCG levels. (If you don’t know what HCG is, it is the pregnancy hormone and you want your levels to double, which usually indicates a successful pregnancy.)

Baby 1: Caleb
+HPT: January 16, 2010 (11 dpo)
14dpo: HCG 113
16dpo: HCG 347.6
22dpo: HCG 6,363
Saw heartbeat on Feb. 5, 2010

Baby 2: Present
+HPT: October 27, 2012 (10 dpo/3 weeks pregnant)
12 dpo: HCG 36
14 dpo: 167
19 dpo: HCG 967
Saw heartbeat at 6 weeks!

This pregnancy has already been VERY different from my pregnancy with Caleb. But while different, there have been some things that remind me of my pregnancy with Caleb. I felt very strongly in the early weeks that this baby is a boy. After the first trimester, I am in limbo. I think a girl a lot but it might just be because that is what everyone else seems to think.

I’m showing early, I’ve felt like crap, my stomach has been a wreck and I sleep like a baby, meaning I wake about 4-5 times per night. This could get ugly. Here we go…

3 weeks:

  • Found out I’m pregnant! feeling like my period could start because of cramps.
  • Pretty sleepy.
  • Start Progesterone. Yippee…

4 weeks:
Cravings: Craving Thai curry like you wouldn’t believe. It’s all I can think about. Oh god, it sounds so good.

  • Fatigue, big time tired.
  • Sore breasts.
  • Heightened sense of smell (I can smell our unlit pine candle in every room in our house!).
  • I’m thinking it’s a boy.

5 weeks:

  • Really sore breasts.
  • Hello nausea. All day long.
  • Really tired and grumpy.
  • Some crampy/pulling/stretching feelings in my abdomen (assuming it is my uterus growing).
  • Diarrhea on and off (WTF!? I know! I only had constipation with Caleb).
  • Had an early ultrasound and saw the little gestational sac! Only 1 in there. Phew.
  • Thinking boy still.

6 weeks:

  • FACK. All day nausea. We’re talking to the point where I wish I could vomit just to have something to show for how horrid I feel. All day long. I am tired and grumpy and have been a mega bitch. I was nauseated with Caleb every night but nothing like this. I just lay around with copious amounts of saliva pooled in my mouth hoping to vomit and instead nibbling on crackers and ginger ale. I have no cravings or aversions. I can’t even think of food without wanting to vomit. Doctor prescribed me Zofran. Hallelujah! I am still really nauseated, however, I can at least function. Thank you science!
  • The tiredness is nothing compared to what my stomach is doing.
  • Still on and off diarrhea. Who the heck is this baby!? I’m supposed to be constipated not running to the bathroom! (Sorry for the TMI but this shit just got real).
  • Lots of abdominal stretching this week and really sore breasts.
  • Had another early ultrasound and saw the embryo and heartbeat! (this is the week I start getting intense sex dreams).
  • I’m also breaking out like a maniac.

7 weeks:
Cravings/Aversions: The biggest issue this week was that I couldn’t eat any turkey or ham on Thanksgiving. They both grossed me out. It was basically mashed potatoes and some stuffing. I am craving runny eggs and raisin bread. I also have been having really strange food cravings. It changes every moment too. For example, I wanted fried pickles. Have I ever had fried pickles? Never. They just sounded good. In fact, as I was standing in front of the fridge I said to Tyler “Ty, it’s happening. Look” and I drank the pickle juice from the jar. It is delicious.

  • My sense of smell is insane.
  • My nausea is still really bad but I have a couple hours here and there where I can function, then it’s back to nausea full time. The Zofran helps but is definitely not a miracle.
  • This week my diarrhea issues went away. And I welcomed in constipation. Oh joy!
  • I’m also starting to show a little bit. I know it’s bloat but my jeans are tight and I am uncomfortable in almost all of my clothes.
  • Still with the bad skin, too.
  • I think it’s a boy!

8 weeks:
Cravings: salad and pickle juice.

  • I got sick this week. Thanks to a certain sick toddler sleeping in our bed and coughing in my face all night long.
  • I am feeling a little less nauseated this week. In fact, I skipped my medicine for nausea and it wasn’t unbearable! (I normally have to take it every 8 hrs). The nausea seems to have moved to afternoons/evenings like it did when I was pregnant with Caleb.
  • I’m peeing a lot and it’s making me crazy, especially at night. In fact, if I don’t pee I have so much pressure on my abdomen that it actually hurts.
  • The constipation is specially grueling this week…

9 weeks:
Cravings: Craving Subway veggie sandwiches, cereal, pickle juice and Powerade (has to be purple or red). I started craving Mexican restaurant salsa and chips. This was such a strong craving for me when I was pregnant with Caleb

  • At this point I cannot remember what it is like to poop normally. Sorry for the TMI for some of you but seriously, I was never this constipated with Caleb. I have serious gas all of the time too. Like all night long. Poor Tyler. I know the Zofran is a main culprit because it is known for causing constipation but to go from diarrhea to constipation is really a shock to my system.
  • I am still fine in the am…and then 11am hits and the nausea sweeps in. It’s really bad from 11-9pm but if I can squeeze in a nap it seems to help.
  • Oh and the biggest thing is I am totally showing now. I mean, no one else can really see it but I seriously look exactly like I did when I was about 13 weeks with Caleb. I’ve heard from people that I would show earlier but good night!
  • I wake up wide awake at some point and am awake for at least an hour.
  • We had another ultrasound an saw the baby move! The bad news is they also saw a subchorionic hemorrhage, so I have to go back next week and hope its smaller or gone. For now, I have to go light duty or they will put me on bed rest. Read more about that here.
  • At the ultrasound I had my first thought that it could be a girl. Every time else, I still think it’s a boy.

10 weeks:
Cravings/Aversions: No meat. Yuck. I woke up craving roasted potatoes. My biggest aversion has been Ty’s cologne/body wash/aftershave. They smell so strong to me and gross me out. I could smell it on Caleb’s hand and I nearly vomited while putting him to bed. Normally I love these smells. Still craving Powerade.

  • Nausea seems to have moved to afternoons/evenings completely. Yippee!!! If I get hungry then it really kicks in so I try to make sure I’m eating something often throughout the day.
  • I’m really starting to feel round ligament stretching now. I forgot how this feels; so weird.
  • I’m still really tired and need a nap every day.
  • Still sore breasts. And they are huge. I finally just bought new bras because it has been unbearable. I got double boob early with Caleb and you can read about that here.
  • My skin has broken out really badly. It’s really bad. Like 14 year old Jennifer bad.
  • SCH shrunk! Whoo hoo! You can read the update here.
  • Most people seem to think it’s going to be a girl. I still think boy.

11 weeks:
Cravings: Orange/honey Greek yogurt! YUM!

  • Still really broken out. I feel disgusting.
  • I’ve been really hungry lately. Even after a large dinner, I feel hungry just a few hrs later.
  • My abdomen is really sensitive and my normal jeans are really irritating me because they put pressure on my stomach. I think the belly band will be a regular staple in my wardrobe until I move into my maternity pants.
  • My skin is really badly broken out.
  • I can feel my uterus when I am laying on my back; I’m definitely showing a little bump. It’s still on the verge of “are you pregnant or just ate too many waffles?”
  • Last ultrasound before we start seeing our midwife, then we won’t have one until our anatomy scan. So excited! The baby was rolling and flopping around and moving like crazy! This is going to be another active kid; lord help us. SCH is STILL there! It shrunk and clotted a bit but divided into two. The doctor also noticed more fresh blood. Gah. I’ll post about that once I get an update. 
  • This week Ty admitted he thinks it’s a girl. I’m on the fence but leaning girl now. Probably because everyone else is influencing me.

12 weeks:
Cravings: I actually ate ham and turkey without being disgusted! Still craving Greek yogurt. Big time. God help Tyler. He searches everywhere for the orange honey flavor and never has any luck. He’s too awesome for words.

  • Nausea has diminished to where some days I feel good and others I feel really gross.
  • I’m feeling a lot of pulling and pinching in my abdomen.
  • I’m still constipated but it’s getting better.
  • I’m still waking to pee a couple of times each night.
  • This week my skin seems a bit better, but it’s still pretty gnarly.
  • I’m starting to feel more energy in the morning!
  • Sore nipples. I had sore nipples around 5 weeks with Caleb so I thought I was in the clear.
  • I seriously think I have felt a few flutters here and there. Is it the baby moving? I think so! But it could also be gas…
  • Caleb has suddenly changed his answer to “girl” from “brodder” or “boy”. We both just flip flop a lot. Should know in February!

Here’s to me hoping the nausea goes away as soon as possible! I’m also showing a lot now. I weighed less prior to this pregnancy than I did with Caleb but I’ve already gained 4-5 lbs! I think it’s due to the severe nausea and me only eating what didn’t make me want to vomit: carbs. I am carrying a bit higher already and I feel like I look like I am 5 months pregnant rather than 3! Here’s a comparison shot so you can see!

Belly Comparison

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Two – Part I

  1. Wow! That is quite a difference in the picture. Ugh I feel you on the sicknes and food aversions, I am so sorry it has been such a pain. Hopefully it lightens up a bit with hitting the 3 month mark.

  2. I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Not for the nasty part– but that you are preggo. I remember my head over the toilet with Kai and feeling so upset about it–and at the same time so annoyed that I was upset considering I had tried so long to get pregnant. Not a fun sense of emotions when you feel so crappy.

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