Pregnancy Chart

Since I was keeping you all updated on our Baby Makin’ journey, here is the month of success. Know what’s crazy? I knew this would be the month. It took 4 months to get pregnant with Caleb and it took 4 months to get pregnant with this little bean. Coincidence? Naw, I just knew it would work the same amount of time. And it did. To be fair, I don’t know if we could even count it as trying for 4 months since two of those months we completely missed the window. For comparison purposes, we’ll just say it took 4 months total.

Here’s what that month (October 2012) looked like:

October chart

One of the main similarities was the spotting (if you aren’t familiar with charting- look at the green area. That is where I got positive pregnancy tests; the B+ indicates positive blood tests and the little asterisks indicate spotting). I had that with Caleb too. I’ll post more about first trimester similarities/differences soon. Here is that chart (December 2009) for comparison:

December chart

I had a clear implantation dip with Caleb at 7 days post ovulation (Day 22), but not with this pregnancy. So at first, I thought we were out. I know you don’t need a dip each time but since I had one with Caleb- I was expecting it.

We did it! Literally. If you want to see my charts leading up to October’s, click here for August and here for September.

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