Salish Getaway

On November 30, Ty and I spent a night at the Salish Lodge. Oh man it was nice! It was to celebrate our 7 year anniversary (which was on Sept. 19). My sister drove down on a Friday to spend the night with Caleb. It was pouring and traffic was a nightmare but we eventually got to Salish around 6:45pm.


Tyler got the deal on Groupon and I highly recommend snagging a Groupon deal to Salish if one comes up. Here’s why: he got us upgraded to the river view. I walked out onto our balcony and I could see the falls right below me! It was beautiful. The deal also came with a dinner and spa voucher. We opted out of massages just because last time I went I wasn’t impressed by the massage (I like it deep and painful…they just do therapeutic stuff, which doesn’t tickle my fancy for the cost).

Once we checked in and checked out our room we headed down for dinner. We bit the bullet and ordered the four course dinner. It was pricey but one of the dishes was the best thing I have ever tasted. It was a flavor explosion of crab and honey and fried sweet potatoes. I also ate a bit of the steak tartar and the seared ahi, which are total pregnancy no-no’s, but they were good!

Afterwards we went back to our room. I talked Ty into a bath in the super spacious jetted, color therapy tub. It was so nice. We just relaxed in there for a bit but got out after about 20 minutes. We’re not bath people as it is and I started to get too hot and started feeling cramps. Hot baths are a pregnancy no-no. I have no idea how I forgot that one.

We then ordered a movie and some beer/juice/chips and snuggled on the bed. We both passed out somewhere in the middle of the movie. Before bed we asked for the buckwheat and memory foam pillows; next time we’ll try the lavender. I loved the buckwheat pillow and am thinking about getting one so it was great to try it out. When we woke up we went for a walk to Snoqualmie Falls and saw it in all of its morning glory…and got sprayed by the mist. Then we had a delicious breakfast that nearly put us into food comas. After that, I had a facial, which was so relaxing and left my skin feeling wonderful. While I was getting my facial Ty decided to order a Bloody Mary and watch football in the room. Good idea. After that, we were on our way home.

It was so nice to have a night away, just us. It was so sweet and quiet. We tried to sleep in but when you have two years of an early riser, it is sort of tough. We had a blast and decided we will do this every year. Just to have a night alone. We needed it. Thanks sister.


Check out his wicked beard. Yowsahs. I totally love it.

7 thoughts on “Salish Getaway

  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I’ve always wanted to visit the Salish! At least you guys got out of your room, when Daniel and I went to Suncadia, we ordered room service and just watched a movie. I had grand plans to go to the pool, but it was a 10 minute walk outside, and I opted to stay in bed! I do agree, the quiet was very nice.

  2. It is so beautiful up there! Glad you guys got away for a bit, so important, but hard to do sometimes. Um and that crab, honey, and sweet potato dish sounds amazing.

  3. I’ll have you know that this little anniversary trip can’t touch the romantic getaway that Ty and I had when we went to Idaho back in 2003. We went to like, oh I don’t know, THREE pawn shops. I’m pretty sure we hit up a Target afterwards. Yeah. It happened. Deal with it!

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