Call Me Crazy

Since the events in Newtown, Connecticut I have been a bundle of emotions. I’m blaming pregnancy hormones for most of it because I tend to be less weepy than most but I bawled for almost the entire night on Friday. I couldn’t bear to look at Caleb, my son,  and not feel sorrow for those families. I get to hold my little boy and I cherish each day even more so after that tragic event. I just can’t understand.

So that little part is a build up to the next part; the reason you can call me crazy…

If Ty hadn’t already planned to take Friday off, I would make him. Do I think the world is ending? No. But if it is, I’d like my little family to spend our last day together! YouknowwhatI’msayin!? Squeeze your family tight.

Happy Holidays

Donate to the Newtown, CT families here: My Sandy Hook Family Fund

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