Sub Chorionic Hemorrhage (update)

Yesterday I posted about my SCH (read more here). Today I had a follow up and it’s amazing what a week can do. The baby was so much bigger and moving around like crazy. Seriously, I could see its little arm buds going crazy and it was bouncing around in there.

The doctor wrapped up the appointment without even mentioning my sub chorionic hemorrhage. I thought he might have forgot but he didn’t. When I asked he said “it looks great!”. It’s still there but he said that the pooling of blood is diminishing and that it has moved from a circular shape to a crescent shape. He things the gestational sac is pushing it out of the way so that is huge plus!

I still have to take it easy and continue with pelvic rest until we go back on December 21st. Hopefully, it’ll be tiny or non-existent by then!

The biggest plus of the appointment is that he said he wasn’t even concerned about the SCH anymore because the baby was moving like an animal. He said “movement like that does not coincide with distress so things look wonderful!”

SCH update

3 thoughts on “Sub Chorionic Hemorrhage (update)

  1. Glad to hear things are better, and that you had a little jumping bean! I remember our first ultrasound, and that’s what Leon was doing. I just loved seeing all that movement! So excited for you guys! Take it easy mama, I know that’s easier said than done when you have a 2 year old, but good luck!

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