Sub Chorionic Hemmorhage

One of the similar things this pregnancy (compared to my pregnancy with Caleb) is that I have low Progesterone. Because of that I get monitored often and have ultrasounds every 2-3 weeks. At our 8 week ultrasound the doctor saw a sub chorionic hemmorhage (SCH). Basically, there is a pool of blood between the placenta and the wall of the uterus. He said it was a pretty good size and that he noticed fresh blood pooling out of the area. The baby was fine. We even saw it wiggle!

The diagnosis: basically, pelvic rest. No sex, no lifting, and no going up and down the stairs (no more than 10 times per day). How the hell is that even possible!? I have a 2 year old! So, basically, Ty does all bedtime routines so I don’t go up the stairs. I am trying really hard not to pick Caleb up but it is hard when he gets hurt or is tired and wants extra snuggles. He does really well when I tell him I don’t feel well and I can’t pick him up.

Tomorrow I go in for our follow up. The doctor wants the SCH to shrink or be completely gone. If not? He wants me to go on bed rest! What the hell!? I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it looks better. Naturally, I am worried about the SCH impacting the baby because if it causes the placenta to pull away completely (placental abruption), there is no hope, as that is the baby’s lifeline.

So here’s a pic of how it looked at 8 weeks:

8 weeks SCH

You can see the baby is the center (head on top) and the placenta to the right. That dark circular area is the SCH. That is where the bleeding is.

I haven’t had any spotting at all and I know that spotting is very common with a Sub Chorionic Hemmorhage so each day I feel like I will wake up to gushing blood. Not spotting is good news so far as my body is absorbing it but I know that if I do spot, I have a reason. Most SCH have good outcomes and completely resolves themselves by 20 weeks so I am hoping we’re one of the positive outcomes. Thankfully, after this appointment I called my midwife and she made me feel 100% better. Thank god for midwives.

So, that’s our latest update. Hopefully we will get good news tomorrow!

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