Caleb Says…


Caleb: Knock knock.
Me: Who’s there?
Caleb: Caweb Mackin.
Me: Caleb Maclin who?
Caleb: I’M HERE!

(Just waking up in our bed)
Caleb: I poppin’ balloons!

(Runs up to the door and knocks)
Caleb: Hewo? No one home. People!!! Hewo? Friends? Knock Knock. Wh’iz it?

(After waking in our bed, again)
Caleb: I dreamin’. I snugglin’ Daddy’s pillow.

Me: What does Santa say?
Caleb: ho, ho, ho! Marrr Chrimah!

Caleb: Donut!
Ty: Do we even have any donuts?
Caleb: Yeah. You want some? Yeah.leaves

(Points and rubs the zit on my chin)
Caleb: Mama owie.
Caleb: Mama it!

(Upon me entering his room after he woke up [two separate mornings])
1st occasion – Caleb: Hi sweetie. How are you?
2nd occasion – Caleb: Hi big boy!

Me: Ouch!
Caleb: You OK, Bud? (clearly what Tyler says to him).

(Watching Tyler scratch lotto tickets with a coin)
Caleb: Daddy colors. Money money money!

(While holding my 4 month old niece a very jealous Caleb was trying to climb all over me)
Me: Do you like the baby?
Caleb: No!

smile(I call this face “The Stevie Wonder”)

(Putting up our tree. No lights or ornaments, just tree)
Caleb: (walks up and touches the tree) It beautiful!

(Trying to say “Uncle Cory”)
Caleb: A Corn

(After throwing up on Tyler)
Caleb: I make a mess!
Me: Yes, that’s a mess.
Caleb: Daddy’s mess!

(While jumping on his bed)
Caleb: Hold on tight!

(After hurting himself and getting an owie on his belly)
Caleb: (crying) I sawwy! I sawwy!

(Driving home from school…before nap)
Caleb: Daddy hungry. Daddy climb ladders!

(Playing with a snow globe that has a winter scene and cabin inside)
Caleb: Knock, knock. Sa-Clause house? Hewo. PRESENTS!?

Me: What did you dream about?
Caleb: Sa-Claus!

Me: What did you dream about?
Caleb: Booger all gone.

Me: Caleb, be careful. I don’t feel well.
Caleb: (while rubbing my back) You OK, sweetie. Awww.

(Picking Caleb up from school)
Caleb: I miss you sweetie.

Caleb: I hurt my head. I hurt my head.
Me: Uh oh, did you hurt your head?
Caleb: No!

(After climbing off our bed and rolling around on the floor giggling)
Caleb: Help me! Help me! I stuck!
(He gets this dramatic side from Tyler)

(While holding a cookie in Chloe’s face so she will chase him and then running)
Caleb: You ready Chloe!? Hold on tight!
(laughing and running with the cookie – being chased by Chloe)
Caleb: Chloe runnin!!!

Me: Caleb, do you want a brother or sister?
Caleb: Brodder
Me: Boy or Girl?
Caleb: Boy.
Me: What would you name a brother?
Caleb: Hand!

Nose pickin'

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