Christmas Card Preview

I’m not sharing the best pic of the bunch. Trust me. It is hilarious and I cannot wait for everyone to see it on our Christmas card.

In the first pic he is eating Sweet Tarts. Yup, that’s how I get him to take pictures.

I know Caleb looks sad in the next pic. He found these toys and held onto them like they were treasures! We’re in the midst of donating a ton of his toys and he found a secret stash in my closet that I set aside.

As for the pics, I just hung up white Christmas lights on our wall and then had Caleb stand in front of our bed. It gave it a nice little bokeh effect. (Though I wish the effect was stronger! I’ll try again in front of our lit tree soon).

6 thoughts on “Christmas Card Preview

  1. He is so sweet; love the white lights for sure. Um, I am guilty of candy for pictures! We used candy corn a few years ago with Kate, and marshmallows this year…whatever works right?!

  2. Love these! He looks so serious, but it’s just that toddler stare, at least his eyes are open.:-) I can’t get my kiddo to keep his eyes open for any shot! Definitely need to try the sweet tart thing!

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