A New Chart

I’m a little behind updating on our baby makin’ journey. Care to see our chart for September? Why not keep you posted about it all since I’ve been sharing every other charting update.

It was a bust as well. Still no baby!

That cycle was crazy. I ovulated later than normal (it took a couple months to regulate my cycle after my chemical pregnancy) and we clearly never timed intercourse right. Oy. It took 4 months to get pregnant with Caleb and I feel less stressed about it than I did when we were trying with him so I am taking it day by day.

One of the main issues here is I am bad at temping. I’ve mentioned it before but my sleep is still so erratic that I never take my temperature at a consistent time (hence all of the open circles you see above).

I also cannot go by symptoms alone. Meaning, I get nauseated every single month before my period. Pregnancy sign? For some women, sure. Not for me. Here’s hoping these charts start to look better…

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