Seven Years!

This is a couple of months late but… September 19th marked seven years with Tyler! CRAZY! I cannot believe we are celebrating seven years together. I’m not one of those people who says “we’ve been married one year but dated for 6”. I just don’t think that does our relationship justice. Sure, we know people who married 1-2 years after dating so they only count their marriage anniversaries but since we married 6 years after we started dating it seems unfair to our relationship to say “happy 1st anniversary”. No thank you.

These past 7 years have been one fun and crazy lovefest (OK, “lovefest” makes it sound a little swingerish but you get what I mean). On our anniversary we had dinner and cake and are planning a getaway to Salish Lodge (I went here years ago!) I am so excited about it! Here’s why: Tyler is finally going to do a massage with me! He has refused for years but is willing to do it and I am ecstatic.

Seven years really is a long time with someone. He continues to surprise me and make me laugh…and I think that is a must for a successful relationship. We fight and bicker and get on each others nerves but in the end, we work it out together. He gets my weird quirks and knows more about me than anyone and still tells me I look nice and boosts my ego. I think it’s a big deal to remain sexually attracted to your partner for life. We don’t believe in sex for reproduction purposes only (yikes), and we still try to spice things up because after 7 years- you know this person well and that is a challenge.

I make a conscious effort to tell him when I think he looks good (he’s lost so much weight in the past few months he looks really good!) We don’t go on as many dates as we would like (and should); we are working on that. But we have fun. He’s a great dad. He makes delicious dinners. He gives the best foot rubs. He makes me laugh. AND, he’s willing to get a massage with me!

I am so thankful for these seven years and am so looking forward to every year after this. Happy Seven!

5 thoughts on “Seven Years!

  1. Congratulations! And heck yeah say seven instead of one! B/c it has been seven! So sweet. : )

    P.S. Do me a favor and degrade Tyler for getting a “womanly” massage! J/K!

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