Caleb Says…

(Singing in the back seat)
Caleb: The cars on the bus go beep, beep, beep.

Caleb: Chloe’s sad.
Me: Maybe she wants a hug.
(After he runs over to hug Chloe)
Caleb: She happy!!!

(At any older man with gray/white hair)
Caleb: Pee-Paw!!! (What he calls grandpa)

(At random intervals throughout the day)
Caleb: Mommy sleepy.

Caleb: Night, night polar bear. Time to sleep. Lay down, close eyes.
Me: He’s sleepy.
Caleb: Quiet mommy!

(He heard our dog crying)
Caleb: S’OK she be back. (Which is more than likely what he hears at school when he gets sad).

(When we walk into school in the morning)
Caleb: (Reassuring himself) Mommy after lunch. (it sounds more like “mommy, ahhhhhhhh lunch)

(Wearing his Halloween costume: Transformers Bumblebee)
Caleb: I muscles! Super Ceeb!!!

(Taking a shower; his new favorite thing)
Caleb: I big kid shower!
Me: Are you almost done?
Caleb: Out mommy! (I got out. He played in there for a good 15 minutes.)

Me: Aunt Melissa is coming over today!
Caleb: Aunt Muwussa. Rob!? I like Rob.
Me: No, Rob has to work.
Caleb: Rob!?

(Caleb comes running at me full speed)
Caleb: Mommy pretty!

(Pulling up to the Starbuck’s Drive-Thru)
Me: Caleb, what do you want?
Caleb: Brodder? Sister?

(Looking at pictures of my sister’s cats)
Me: That one is Timmy.
Caleb: Timmy. Timmy Time. (his favorite show)
Me: And that one is Milton.
Caleb: Timmy Time and Milkin’.

(On our walk)
Me: It’s so nice out
Caleb: It’s chilly!

(Sirens whizzed past us in the car)
Caleb: Whoa, sirens scare iPhone!

(Listening to music on my iPhone)
Caleb: mob-maree
Me: what? I don’t know what song you want (as I rapidly try to find the song he’s yelling about)
Caleb: MOB-MAREE!!!
Me: Sorry, sweetie. I have no idea.
Caleb: iPhone! (I gave him iPhone and he quickly found Bob Marley. Oh.)

(At any truck we see)
Caleb: Truck. Beeeeg Truck.

(We have to drive by a giant Santa Clause every day)
Caleb: Co-ca Clause! Ho Ho!

(He heard the pre-schoolers playing outside and yelling as we walked to the car)
Caleb: QUIET KIDS!!!

(Walking in our back yard)
Caleb: Eww, poo poo. Daddy! Get bag!

(After jumping off the couch and scaring the piss out of us when he landed on his head)
Me: Do you have a death wish!?
Caleb: No, just jumping!

2 thoughts on “Caleb Says…

  1. I love this, seriously love this age and listening to them process. And I love that he asked for a brother and sister at Starbucks. 🙂 My brother’s name is Rob and my sister-in-law’s name is Melissa. Leon talks about them all the time, but has always called my brother Uncle Bob, and its crazy cause he’s the uncle that picks on him, yet Leon always asks for him.

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