Super Ceeb

Halloween last night. Yikes. We bought Caleb a Transformers Bumblebee costume on sale from Costco and the kid loved it. We put it on him last week and he ran around our house like a madman. Last night was no different. I asked him if he wanted to go Trick-or-Treat or if he wanted to stay home and hand out candy to kids. The kids won out.

We did take him to our neighbor’s house (who he loves) and they gave him some chocolate and an advent calendar for Christmas (they had it saved for him, which I thought was really sweet). He spent the rest of the night standing in our doorway yelling “Oh no, kids coming!” or “KIDS! CANDY!!!” or “Kids, whereareyou!?” and then lastly was “Hi-Yaw, I kickin’ kids!” as he kicked the air. It was really funny. We had one toddler come right into our house. I assume he felt welcome because another toddler was handing out candy.

Caleb then went on a little walk to the mail with Daddy and then played outside for a bit. At the end of the night he decided to sit on our step and hang out for a bit. Then when he gained my trust he ran off. Full speed. Our neighbors just stood there laughing. He is crazy. When I grabbed him, all hell broke loose and he threw a mega-fit.

We promptly took him to bed but it was too late. He was over tired, had a weak nap that day and was wired because of the excitement. He slept horribly and I eventually brought him into our bed, which means we didn’t sleep at all. He spent the night flip-flopping and rubbing a zit on my chin. He would occasionally sit up to see what he was rubbing and then flop back down. When I finally decided to get up he passed out for real and I was actually able to get ready for work!

Halloween was definitely one of Caleb’s favorite things to date. He loved the idea of greeting kids at our door and enjoyed randomly throwing candy out the door. Super Ceeb super wore us all out. Check out how long he is (this is him sprawled out in our king size bed).

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