My Pregnant Belly

Something I realized I never shared was my belly progression when I was pregnant with Caleb. I took pics every week starting Week 7 when I started to notice the bloat creeping in. Here are those pictures. I remember these so well and was just showing Caleb these pictures in My Belly Book (what I actually took the pics for) and he loved looking at them.

The first trimester:

This next batch is when I really started showing:

And this is where I blew up:

Nearing the end:

The end…(and the beginning)

I really hope the next time I get pregnant I have as good of a pregnancy as I had with Caleb. No kidding- I loved being pregnant that first time around.

3 thoughts on “My Pregnant Belly

  1. Love these!! I took some, but I remember my 2nd trimester I felt huge, so I think I skipped a ton of weeks in there. Too funny because I only got bigger! I love your idea of a belly book. How fun.

    1. I never shared my pics before because I though I looked huge but looking back, I don’t even care! 🙂 The Belly Book is an actual book and I loved it. You put a picture in each week and then write little tidbits like favorite song, news story, aches, etc.

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