Monster Truck Cookies, Cake Pops…and a Party

I had full intentions of having a pretty awesome “planes, trains, and automobiles” theme going for Caleb’s birthday party. He’s 2, so in all reality, going all out seemed ridiculous to me. He wouldn’t remember it and it’d be stressful planning it so I decided to have it be a semi “planes, trains, and automobile party”. It was really laid back and I just focused on the food. Who wouldn’t?

We hung balloons everywhere. We had streamers all over the main floor. There was nuts, cupcakes, hot dogs, cookies, chips, crackers…the usual party supplies. I decided it would be fun to make a signature cookie (I left the awesome cake pops up to our talented friend to make). There was no baking for me. All I used? Graham crackers, nutella, oreos, frosting and M&M’s. Voila! They were a huge hit with the kids and I loved the way they looked laid out on the table.

The cake pops were made (like I mentioned before) by our friend. She makes the coolest cake pops. In fact, if you tell her what you are thinking, she will come up with something you’ll love without questions. They are unbelievably delicious and they might have been a bigger hit than the party itself! (Wanna know I displayed the cake pops? I put them in a colander. It looked cool too!)

Here are the rest of the pics from the party- that turned out. The day was a blur, but we had so much fun!

Our traditional family picture on Caleb’s 2nd Birthday!

Here we are on his 1st birthday!

So much fun. I think I gained 4 pounds on his birth day this year!

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