Holey Moley

Have I ever mentioned that Caleb is completely comforted/enamored/obsessed with a mole on my neck?

It drives me nuts. His obsession began after he stopped nursing (his comfort use to be shoving his hand in my shirt…in between my boobs). Ever since he discovered this mole, he rubs it when he’s tired, grumpy, or needs comfort. For the last year…

I hate it. Wanna hear the gross part? I tried using a mole remover to get rid of it. It didn’t work. Ok, that wasn’t the gross part. This is: I cut part of it off.

Are you grossed out now? It didn’t hurt; I iced it first. I also have a crazy high pain tolerance, so that might explain some.

The point of this post? There isn’t one. I just hate this mole. I plan on trying to remove it again. I’ll let you know if it works since I’m sure you’re clinging to your seat. I once went to the doctor to remove a mole. It’s a funny story because I think I made the doctor uncomfortable. Some day I’ll share. I keeps it real that way.

This is the best picture of said mole-freckle. Mind the face: this was on the way to the ocean and Caleb was screaming so I took this picture to try to scare him into submission. It didn’t work.

It’s pretty small but it’s a big pain on my neck. Literally.

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