Caleb Says…

Now that Caleb is talking I am trying to keep track of some things he says that make us laugh, smile, or just shake our heads. Here are some of them:

(I walk into Caleb’s room in the morning)
Me: Good morning, Caleb!
Caleb: I peed out! I so silly!20121005-093240.jpg

(Caleb woke up early so I brought him into bed with me)
Caleb: Good morning, Mommy
Me: Good morning! What did you dream about?
Caleb: Trucks! Monster trucks…(followed by jibberish)
Caleb: (as he stretches) Big stretch!
Me: Wow that was a big stretch
Caleb: I did it! All done. Downstairs. DOWNSTAIRS!

Caleb: I kickin’ Mommy. I so silly.

(Chasing squirrels and crows)
Caleb: I chasing them! I scared ’em!

(Sitting at the dinner table)
Caleb: Ty, eat! TY! EAT!!! (jibberish follows yelling for Tyler to come eat)

(Playing with his remote control truck)
Caleb: Whoa, watch this! Vroom Vroom.

(As we chase him)
Caleb: I gonna get you!


(Points to any color)
Caleb: GREEN!

(As I am drying him off in the locker room after swimming)
Caleb: Spider! It scare mommy! Daddy get it!!! (there was no spider…)

(I turned a corner a little too fast)
Caleb: Whoa, Mommy!

Me: Caleb, what did you dream about?
Caleb: Peggy! (his middle aged teacher)

(Eating breakfast with our friend who is pregnant)
ME: Caleb, do you think there is a brother or sister in her belly?
Caleb: Brodder.
Me: Caleb, do you think there is a boy or girl in her belly?
Caleb: A FOOFA! (from Yo Gabba Gabba)

(Singing to myself in the kitchen)
Me: Too much light in this window, don’t wake me up.
(From the other room)
Caleb: up, up, up, up, up, up,up.

Us: Ouch, Caleb! (When he hurts us)
Caleb: I meanie!!!

(coughing in the car)
Me: Are you OK?
Caleb: I choking!

Me: There’s a woodpecker in the tree!
Caleb: Treepecker!


2 thoughts on “Caleb Says…

  1. I love that he is having dreams of his middle aged teacher Peggy haha they must have a good bond! You should seriously continue this, so funny to read back on.

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