Caleb: 2 years!

Caleb’s Stats:
Weight: 31lbs

Wait. What!? Our little Macky is 2! How the heck did that happen!? Where did the days go? I barely remember his days of infancy and the first time he crawled or walked. Now he’s talking and reasoning and scaring the hell out of us.

Likes: Let’s talk about things he likes. Stuffed animals. It is bananas! He HAS to snuggle one every time he takes a nap or goes to bed. Nemo is his favorite for bedtime snuggles right now but it changes all the time. He got a Broby and Foofa stuffed animal for his birthday and those have been his favorite daytime stuffed animals. He even brought Foofa in the car to snuggle her on the way to and from school. Caleb really likes our homemade juice. He will basically drinks any and all juice we make him. (Yes! This makes me ecstatic). He loves it all and asks for it every day. This is also great because we know he gets tons of veggies and fruit in his juices each day. Caleb is still obsessed with trucks and loves pointing them out and yelling every time he spots one. It’s usually either “big truck!” or “monster truck”. Caleb is really into Toy Story right now and loves Buzz Lightyear.

Speech: Talking a lot and his sentences are coming together. He adds new vocab each day and shocks us daily with his words.  “kitty, where are you” “get down!” “I kickin’ mommy” “you’re/he/she so silly”. He likes to say what he is doing as he is doing it “I climbing, I running, I choking, I drinking”. And is really into possessives such as  “mommy’s shoes” or “daddy’s water”. He also is good at recognizing emotion and saying things like “She happy” or “he’s sad”. Caleb can count to 10 (technically he can count to 13 but it gets a little wonky after 10). His favorite number is 13 and he loves yelling “13!”. He can also sing many of the ABC’s, however, they are in 4 letter snippets and usually in an interesting order.

I’ve never mentioned “Chicken Wing” before. This is what we call Caleb’s excited pose. When he gets really excited or interested in something, he puts his right arm into a chicken wing position, crouches down, and investigates. It is hilarious. He does this when he runs, when he plays, and when he is showing off. It’s a crowd pleaser- that’s for sure.

Caleb started swimming lessons this month. It was going really really well until we started school. Because he is so tired at night, we barely make it to his 7pm lesson because he is in bed by them. He knows how to  “reach, reach” or “kick” when we are in the water but his absolute favorite thing is shoving Ty’s head under the water so he will swim up and scare Caleb. He loves the singing at the end and his favorite water song is “The Wheels on the Bus”.

The biggest thing this month is that Caleb went back to school. He is exhausted and in love with his teacher. As we drive to school he says, “friends!? Peggy!?”. He is struggling on Monday and Wednesday because he has long days there and naps at school. Already though, we see a difference in him. He is so much more independent. I couldn’t imagine not having him in some sort of school at this age. He needs the physical and emotional connection with other kids and adults.

A post like this wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning hitting and throwing and kicking. Caleb does all of these things when he is frustrated or mad. Thankfully, he hasn’t had a tantrum last longer than 30 seconds (crazy, huh) but he has his moments where he hits me when he is angry, he has thrown something at me (his first drop-off at school), and he has kicked us hard a time or two during a diaper change. All of this to say, he is pretty chill and has yet to hit another kid but good lord- he has his moments.

These past 2 years have been so much fun and we are so so so happy to have our little guy in our lives. He makes us laugh so much every single day. He is sensitive and loves animals but his main love is still music. Time has flown by but we’ve loved every twist and turn that we’ve endured while test running our gig as parents. It seems like just yesterday we welcomed him to our world and celebrated his 1st birthday.




























2 thoughts on “Caleb: 2 years!

  1. I love that you are educated and understand that hitting/throwing/kicking is a natural phase most children go through, some people just do not understand child development.(be thankful he does not lash out at other kids…Kate has always struggled with that..when she wants her space she will give you a warning then watch out!) Anyway, that first picture of him is adorable!

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