Balloon Wreath

September is a busy month for us: my birthday, our anniversary, school starts, and Caleb’s birthday. It’s beyond crazy. I’ve seen some balloon wreaths online and wanted to make one myself to hang up each month we celebrate birthdays in our house. I wanted to use a wide variety of balloons to give it some character (some of the ones I’ve seen only use round balloons). It’s definitely wild and Caleb has so much fun shouting colors and jumping at it.

I bought small and large round balloons and long and fat balloons, which I used to dangle from the wreath. I bought a cheap floral foam circle as the “frame” for the wreath and then covered it in blue crepe paper. From there, I cut floral wire into 1.5 inch strips and used them to secure the balloons to the wreath. I secured them by bending them into a U-shape and them pushed them into the foam. They are pretty secure in there so there is no need for glue.

I think I used about 150-200 balloons in total, so don’t think just a few will do the trick. I also secured a “Happy Birthday” ribbon to the top to hang the wreath. The ribbon was secured the same way as the balloons; I just made sure to pin it about 6-8 times so it could bear the weight of the wreath.

Here it what it looks like from afar (mind the indoor shot. Our exterior door needs repainting and it looks atrocious so I hung it inside). So much fun!

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