Charting Update

Back in March I wrote about Temperatures, Charting, and a Scare and how I fully planned to get back into temping every morning. Here’s what my chart looked like in March:

You can see I failed at temping that month. I tried. For one day. I just wasn’t into it. I do keep track of my cycles every month on my iPeriod app. I love this app so much but when it came time to actually start baby makin’ I knew I needed to start charting again. For charting purposes I really believe Fertility Friend is the only way to go. The reason is because it tells you when you ovulated and maps out your baseline temperature so you can visually see exactly when you ovulated, how good your intercourse timing was in relation to ovulation, and how long your luteal phase is. That last part is most important to me since I had a short luteal phase when we were trying to get pregnant with Caleb.

After my chemical pregnancy last month, I knew I really needed to start charting again to see what my luteal phase looked like. (The luteal phase is the time after you ovulate to the time you start your period. When your luteal phase is 9 days or less the likelihood for implantation drops because your uterine lining is already shedding). I also asked some people I know and researched online to find that my cycle after that would probably be weird/crazy. It was.

Here’s what my chart for August looks like:

What was crazy about the cycle after my chemical pregnancy is that I ovulated late (see Day 17). I normally ovulate on day 14 or 15. I had fertile signs on my normal ovulation day, I just ovulated too late and we didn’t time intercourse right. Result: not pregnant. Duh. The bad news is that I was spotting like crazy 4 days before my period was due. In fact, this has been happening for months so I knew my luteal phase was too short. When that happened when we were trying to get pregnant with Caleb I did acupuncture and took B Complex vitamins to help (it did!).

So, now I have been pumping the B Complex vitamins in hopes that I’ll have a longer luteal phase with less/no spotting. I’ll make sure to keep you updated of all the gory details. For now, I’m focused on lengthening my luteal phase and temping daily to see how/where things go.

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