Caleb: 23 months

Caleb’s Stats:
Weight: 31 lbs

Caleb basically repeats everything we say. It is crazy how much he has changed in just the last three weeks. He’s doing small sentences (I did it, what did you do!?, bad doggie, etc) and talking so much. He’s not an advanced talker like some little kids, mainly girls, but he’s insanely techy like his dad and can completely maneuver our iPhone, iPad, and iPod apps (like seriously, it’s creepy how he knows how to work these things). His favorite thing is to look at pictures and videos. One of the nice things is that when Caleb gets frustrated about something he wants he pulls/pushes us to do what he wants or to show us what he wants. It’s nice because it helps level him out when he is getting frustrated. Lately, he just wants to pull us over to show us the BBQ because he “cooked” a steak on it last week.

Caleb’s biggest loves this month are bugs and trucks. It doesn’t matter what kind of truck it is- he yells “T-RUCK”. We also spend a lot of time running around looking for worms, beetles, chasing butterflies, waving at bees, and poking spiders. He LOVES it! Caleb really loves the movie Wall*E and loves to copy the movements Wall*E makes. His absolute favorite thing is the opening track from Hello Dolly that starts with, “out there…”. He giggles uncontrollably when I ask him to sing it. So cute!

We took a trip to the ocean this month and he loved the sand and water, as always. The highlight for him was learning to fly his kite…and getting to see his friend Keela (he often says “kee-a?” asking where she is). He loves looking at  baseballs cards with his stuffed animals. This month I also started taking showers with Caleb. I tried a few months ago and he wasn’t a fan, now he loves it and yells “dunk” as he puts his head under the water. In the bath he’s been rolling onto his stomach and kicking exclaiming “I swimmin!”, which is great since his swimming lessons start next week.

Caleb did a somersault this month and likes practicing them. Caleb has been really into playing with his alligator in a Lego house I built. We do this about 3 times each day. First, the alligator is “seepy”, then he’s “hungy” and Caleb shoves a caterpillar into its mouth yelling “eat!”, then he sleeps. Then he yells “chomp chomp” and blows kisses. The cycle continues for ever. Caleb got sick this month (thanks to the Children’s Museum) and it stunk. He hasn’t been sick since he was in school.

Sleep: He’s been sleeping a lot better than last month but there have been a few days when he skipped his naps- and those were fun days! After he wakes up I like to ask him what he saw in his sleep. Some of his answers: fishies, TRUCKS!, doors, undies!, chi-ka-kee (chocolate milk). Caleb likes to say “goodnight” to everything: stairs, walls, dogs, pictures, chair, Wall*E/Eva. I still hold/rock him to sleep and that’s becoming a bear. Here’s why: we basically cannot have anyone watch him during bedtime because he only wants me. Once I go back to work this should change once Ty starts putting his to bed again. We are still holding onto the crib- no toddler bed here. We aren’t budging and would like to keep him in his crib as long as possible. Here’s why: Caleb still wakes in the night about 3-4 times each week. He is a thrasher when he sleeps and he has no interest in climbing out of his crib (he sits in it and whines or plays when he wants out/wakes up).

Potty Training: We started potty training this month. Caleb loves undies so that combined with stickers and M&M’s has things running better than we ever imagined. He’s still in his diaper a lot but the 3-4 hours before bed he is always naked and rarely has accidents! One of the first nights he peed in his tent and said “oh no, pee pee!”  He likes to make his stuffed animals use the potty and tells them, “I proud of you”. It’s precious. (The Elmo potty app is awesome if you’re wondering).

My absolute favorite part of this last month is that Caleb yells “I TWAPPED!” whenever he thinks he is stuck. He yelled it when I tried to cuddle him one morning and yells it when he climbs on things. He’s never trapped. It is so stinkin’ funny.










The best part of this video is the first 10 seconds. How Caleb calls for “wums” is sincerely the cutest thing ever. The rest is him mimicking our dog and pointing at things (you can’t really see).

4 thoughts on “Caleb: 23 months

  1. Such fun photos! He’s getting so big! And glad we’re not alone on the crib thing. Leon hasn’t learned to climb out, thank goodness! If he slept through the night consistently, then I’d probably think differently about a toddler bed.

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