Learning Colors with Popsicle Sticks

I wanted to come up with a fun way to help Caleb learn colors. I love Popsicle sticks because they are easy to hold in small hands and they are pretty versatile. I painted the Popsicle sticks using non-toxic paint (duh). I used a cotton ball to paint them. I wanted some of the sticks to have texture to them so Caleb could touch them and feel how they differ.

Next, I glued on eyes to make them look silly. Caleb loves these little eyes and tries to put them on his eyes so I knew he would be a fan. I drew eyebrows and mouths. You could add some hair or fuzzy noses to add more character. I thought this would be fun to help him learn some expressions/emotions. On the back of each Popsicle stick I wrote the name of the color. That way he can see the letters and the colors and learn two different things.

This was a super easy (and fun) project aimed at helping my toddler learn colors. My favorite is the green one; something about the bushy eyebrows and mustache won me over.
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