Chalk It Up

This summer we’ve been playing with chalk. Like, a lot. We don’t play out on our sidewalk or driveway (yet) but do play on our back deck. It’s so much fun and Caleb runs up to us and says “colors, colors” and pulls us outside by our fingers to make us color. Actually, he doesn’t make us color. I color and he throws chalk into my crotch as I sit cross-legged.

Tyler is a different story. He hates chalk. He hates the way it sounds, the way it looks and the way it feels. He’s not the normal “nails on the chalkboard” guy; he hates it in general. He says he hates the “dry” feeling and sound. I love it!

I try to draw shapes, ABC’s, numbers, and objects (trees, flowers, sun, fruit) to try to get him to guess what things are and he is doing really well.

He loves it. He really loves it.

We have so much sidewalk chalk and we didn’t really have a place to store it…until I looked on our counter and saw our empty Red Vines container. It works perfect for holding chalk!

The benefit of our hideous privacy deck is that Caleb can go outside, without us eying his every move and play and color every day. It is so nice!

2 thoughts on “Chalk It Up

  1. What a good idea! I keep mine in the big box until that breaks down, then it goes into a ziploc and gets all dusty…neither work well in the long run. Looks like I just need to head to costco for a tub o’ licorice!

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