Sprucing Up the Outdoors

We’ve done a lot of work on our front yard since we moved in (the back yard is a whole ‘nother story. It’s pretty big and there is a ton to do back there). We’ve limbed up two trees and that really opened the front yard up. Ty then cut down a tree. It was only about 6 feet tall but it was ugly and he wanted to use his saw.

Here’s what it looked like the day we bought it:

This is a close up of the mega-bushes in front of our window. They blocked out the entire window and ripping those things out was my main goal:

The hedges were so nasty on the side near the window; I don’t even want to know what was living in there. But we did find this sweet little nest.

Here’s a glimpse of the pine tree with the weird “haircut”.

Here’s the remains of the hedges.

And here’s after. There are still 3 stumps left in the ground under the window. Those things are a bear to remove and we’re hacking (literally) at them slowly.

You might notice all of the new flowers to the left of our car where the tree use to live. I separated the hostas and planted a ton of new plants (phlox, hydrangea, barberry, bamboo) to give it a whole new look. We’ve received comments from our neighbors about how well it looks and it is nice to hear that it looks “night and day” from what it use to be in only one month.

Our future plans for the front yard entail: cutting down two trees, redoing the entire right side of the driveway (not shown but it’s covered in cool succulents…and weeds), bark/mulching the flower beds, putting rocks around the new shrubs (still to be planted) in front of the windows (for draining), and putting potted plants in front of the garage.

3 thoughts on “Sprucing Up the Outdoors

  1. Looking so good! So wish we could make your bbq (Sorry I haven’t sent back our RSVP yet!) so we could see it in person. What a difference it made by clearing out those bushes, and the plants in place of the tree are beautiful!

  2. It’s been a lot of work and probably the #1 reason why I’ve been laid up in bed since yesterday and visited the chiropractor and massage therapist today- I jacked up my neck!

    Totally worth it though!

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