Caleb: 22 months

Caleb’s Stats:

This month Caleb discovered worms. He tasted one, he kissed three and he runs around outside yelling “WUMS!” He calls for them as though they will come out and play with him. It’s really cute. The digging for worms routine led to his love of playing with water non stop. When we are in the back yard he begs for us to turn on the hose so He can water the ground, the rocks and himself. We have a cherry tree in our back yard and for a solid week we had to go eat cherries after his naps. He would stand under the tree (after I trained him not to eat the rotten ones on the ground) and say “more, more” and then reach for cherries. Sadly, he ate them all. Caleb also really loves to smell flowers. He makes a hilarious scrunch face and snorts really loud/hard to smell flowers. I put lavender on our front porch and he loves walking by them and smelling them. He also loves ringing our doorbell and saying “home?”.

This entire last month has been one of adjustment to our new house. Caleb really seems to love the new house and adjusted incredibly well to the move…for the first two weeks. Then his sleep went all crazy. It’s been a joy, really. He will usually wake up screaming in the middle of the night. I think he is disoriented in his room but he has slowly adjusted and just two days ago he slept for 12 hours straight! My Grandpa was in town for a while (I’ll post on that later) and Caleb has dubbed him “Pee-paw”. No idea where it came from but that’s his name now.

Lately Caleb has been the doggy police. If he hears any dog barking he will sternly say “bad doggie” and if Chloe barks he will say “quiet Chloe!”. He tells the dogs “down!”  and “outside!”. He also likes to make them do tricks (only they don’t really listen to him). He tries to make them do high-fives but he just ends up grabbing their feet. He also tries to make them do 360’s but he adds an extra syllable to it so it sounds like “tee-tick-tee-tee” (he adds that same extra syllable to popcorn).

One of the best things thismonth is that Caleb is saying “thank you” and “sorry” a lot more. He bit me this morning (not hard) and then rubbed my hand and said “sawwy”. He has some funny words that Ty and I love hearing him say: fowersh (flowers), carsh (cars), kee-kike-L (motorcycle) and Chee-ka-ki (chocolate milk). I’ve been teaching him to say “bye bye young man” solely because it is hilarious.

This month Caleb had a little 48 hour playdate with our friend’s little girl. Only, the first day was a disaster. Caleb was a monster. He was stingy and bratty and through a fit for a good portion of the first day (see above picture). The next day we went to the zoo and he was just fine. When Keela left he ran around asking “Kee-a? Kee-a?” in fact, he was just asking for her last night. It was so much fun watching him play and interact with another toddler.

Caleb has REALLY been into Mater’s Tall Tales and Wall-E. In fact, we have watched Wall-E so much the past four days I could probably recite it to you. I’m going to wrap up with my favorite moment of this month: Caleb shoving popcorn in his dinosaur’s mouth and saying “eat bebe”.

Yep, Caleb looks IDENTICAL to his dad.






(Sorry about the horrible videos. I shot these with my phone).

2 thoughts on “Caleb: 22 months

  1. Great photos! I love this age (minus the temper tantrums), and trying to figure out what they are saying. It cracks me up. And I love Caleb’s Bebe!! So adorable. Hope you guys are having a good summer! Can’t believe it’s already August!

  2. Me too!!! The tantrums are insane/hilarious and the conversations are so darn funny. Most of the time we have no idea what he’s talking about but then other times he’ll say the funniest things. It’s frightening they are almost 2!

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