Wanna See the Kitchen?

We got a new refrigerator! Things are still a work in progress and we are moving at a snail’s pace but you can at least get an idea how one room looks two weeks post move-in.

Yep, we still have boxes everywhere. When I am brave I’ll share a pic of the garage- heebie jeebies. See how the wall next to the fridge is partially painted? I love the color (it’s Brown Fuzz by Valspar) but HATE it in the kitchen. I’ve lived with that area for two weeks and finally decided it’s not a keeper. We’re going blue-gray. That wall also needs to be demo’d a bit to allow for the freezer to open all of the way. I’m not afraid to demo a wall. I am afraid to demo a load-bearing wall…so that’s gonna wait til we can get it inspected. Do you also see that weird ceiling above the island? Whoa, 1992 called and it wants its ceiling back. I want to demolish the hell out of that thing and hang pendant lights where it once was. I know the answer to the question you are all wondering. The answer is yes. Yes, we will be keeping that lovely stencil above the sliding door. (Nifty tidbit of info: Manfriend and his buddy Mark broke that sliding door the first week we lived here. True story. It’s broken now.)

We are getting an excel sheet (go figure, right!?) together of ALL of the things we need/want to do and I’ll post that soon. But the list for the kitchen is long so you can imagine what the whole thing looks like! It is looong. I also just entered the Boost Your Roost contest so keep your fingers crossed we get picked!!!

One thought on “Wanna See the Kitchen?

  1. I wonder if it would be easier/cheaper to alter the cabinets on the right side of the fridge, and move it over, than to take out the wall on the left? It is a very nice fridge though – huge!

    I look forward to seeing all the ways you guys will put your stamp on this place in the years to come.

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