Caleb: 21 months

Caleb’s Stats:

21 months

One of the funniest/saddest things Caleb has been doing is to well up and cry. He usually does it when something scares him pretty badly. I haven’t made it through one of these episodes without crying. They are so sad! Caleb has gotten pretty good at numbers; he counts from: 2,6,7,8,and  9 and is really interested in ABC’s and walks around saying “a-a-apple”. He will basically repeat any word we say now…depending on his mood.

He says “poo poo” and “pee pee” AS HE IS PEEING/POOPING NOW! This makes us soo excited. Hopefully my goal to potty train this summer will go smoothly! He is really into looking at pictures and videos of himself. He loves flipping through them and watching his favorite videos. He also really loves looking at pictures of other kids. He had a running obsession with this video: Shit Toddlers Say.

Fighting nap/bed time. It is weird though because at bed time he will actually get his jammies on and then walk to me; same goes for nap time. The second we get up there he decides he should party. It has gotten really bad at naptime where he refuses to be held so we end up putting him in his crib and let him cry/whine. Sometimes he demands I hold him with a blankie. (He likes to snuggle with it next to his face while I hold him).

Temper tantrums. Yowsahs. Screaming! These basically start because of electronics. He is crazy obsessed with my iPhone and our iPad and walks around saying “iPho, iPho, iPad, pease!” then when we give him the iPod or iPad he yells “no, mine!” It’s really quite interesting. When he doesn’t get it he usually throws himself on the floor screaming or yells “no, no, no!” He knows how to operate both better than my grandpa.

Caleb isn’t shy at all. In fact, he is one of those kids that waves at everyone and says “hi!” no matter who the person is. We’ve been showing our current house and he runs up to everyone who comes in the house and says “hi”. This is nice because he adjusts really well but not so nice when you don’t know the people.

Caleb loves gymnastics so much! We took him again this month and were shocked at how much better he is at jumping. He hung from the bar and let me flip him over, which was really exciting, and he was able to crawl along the balance beam (he fell).

This month has been crazy busy so a lot of Caleb’s moods revolved around the stress of moving. We knew he could sense our stress and those were times when he was a monster or would scream. It was pretty bad. Other than that- he’s turning into such a little boy!


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