Itchin’ to Move Part IV

So here’s the update on HouseHunt 2012. There isn’t one. We’re going through with the appraisal but the bank has not agreed to repair the crawl space. We’re assuming they are waiting to make a choice depending on where the appraisal lies. So, if our house is appraised below what we offered, they will have to accept that price. If it appraised about what we offered, we will be happy we got an even better deal.

So that is it. Still playing the waiting game. As of today, we have 3 weeks until closing. We are packing and cleaning and trying to make it so that the end of June can run as smoothly as possible. Keep your fingers crossed it all goes smooth these next 3 weeks. Until then, here are some more pics.

You can’t really see the lot in these pictures but it’s 10,000 sqft so it is a great size. We’re really excited about the yard. The list of things to do is long but it includes things like: interior paint/trim, exterior paint/trim, remove deck rail (that thing is not anchored and we like regular deck railings, add deck stairs (there are none…weird), put in hardwoods, change out bathroom fixtures, redo kitchen counters and add an awesome back splash, and paint that ghetto fireplace.

6 thoughts on “Itchin’ to Move Part IV

  1. Wow, what a great lot! Is there a garden in the back? Good luck! The waiting game is so hard, but hopefully it will all play out just the way you want it.

  2. There is a garden in the backyard. It is huge too! We actually plan on ripping it out because it is in a weird place (there is room for one on the side) and the whole area surrounding is rocks. We plan on making that a fire pit/lounge area. Thanks for the good luck wishes. The waiting IS THE WORST PART! Hopefully we will get to see you guys and Leon soon!

  3. Look at all that space! How fun it is going to be to put both of your styles in, I cannot wait to see it. That backyard is great!

  4. Hey, I was just reading one of my favorite blogs and remembered you talking about a cool backsplash, have you ever thought about painting your own? This couple does amazing work and they even have a tutorial. I like tiles and all, but they can be pretty pricey, this gives you the look but for WAY cheaper. Just thought I’d share! Hope you guys are settling in nicely, can’t wait to hear more about it!

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