Caleb: 20 months

Caleb’s Stats:
Weight: 29.14 lbs

20 months

Sheesh. Let’s talk about whining, shall we. It is NON STOP these days. We’ve asked around and lots of our friends are saying it is totally normal. Caleb whines for things he want and for things he doesn’t want. The upside is that he hasn’t really had a lot of tantrums…yet. Caleb is getting really good at asking for help but he usually pleads for help as he is already doing something dangerous (ie climbing on our pub height chairs or wielding a knife in the kitchen. I kid.).

Caleb still sings all the time. It really is my favorite thing ever. Sometimes I just ask him to sing for the heck of it. Lately he has been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and remixing it with Old MacDonald so he ends up adding an “EIEIO” in random parts of the song. One of the really funny things he is doing is lip syncing. I’ve been trying to get good videos of it but it is tough since he usually does it in the car on the way to school. Caleb has been really into bugs lately and loves watching them, poking them, and crying when they fly away or scurry off. We don’t dissuade him away from bugs (just bees until we know if he is allergic or not).

Since Caleb’s main teacher is from Mexico he has picked up on calling water “agua” and he occasionally will say “hola”. It’s adorable and I like that she talks to them in English and Spanish (one of my students told me his daughter, who had the same teach for 2 years, started speaking with an accent for a while. HILARIOUS!). We ask Caleb: “How old are you?” and he exclaims “TWO!!! Yes, we know he isn’t two but it way easier to teach him to say “two” over “20 months”.

Caleb got sick again this month. This kid could hold the record for temperature spikes and barfing. I swear. He is fine one minute and the next his temp is 103.6 and he’s barfing everywhere. (It’s like I am reliving college but only I am not drunk enough to forget the barfing…) The day after he started feeling better he took a mega nap. We’re talking after 3.5 hours I actually went and woke him up and he probably would have slept another half an hour, at least. He has had a really strange rash on his right arm and leg and his doctor said to watch it but it seems to not be disappearing and it is on his left leg and arm now too! It doesn’t itch him or cause him pain so we are heading to the dermatologist this week.

One of Caleb’s favorite things this month is his rocking horse; he loves it. It’s one that has been in Ty’s family for decades and he rocks that thing like it is going out of style. The first time he actually got on it himself I heard a boom and then Caleb say “Uh Oh!”. I walked into his room and his rocking horse was tipped backwards and Caleb was laid out on the floor on his back. He rocked so hard he threw himself off! Caleb is obsessed with doing dishes. In fact, if he hears the sink he scurries to his tower to “help”. (This is why the “Helper Tower” is now called the “Torture Tower”. He likes to wash the dishes and play in the water and eat the bubbles.

Have I ever mentioned that Caleb doesn’t have a lovie or a softie? You know, a stuffed animal or blankie that most kids cling to? Ty and I have realized over the past few months that Caleb does, in fact, have a lovie. Only, it’s not soft or cuddly. It’s his damn green Born Free Sippy Cup. This thing is his security blanket. He wont drink out of any other cups really and he has to have this cup in his hands 90% of his his awake time.















6 thoughts on “Caleb: 20 months

  1. Love the lip syncing! That is so awesome! Can’t believe it’s been 20 months, seems like it was just yesterday we were all preggo at Surrah’s baby shower! How’s his sleep habits at night? I remember someone telling me it gets better as they get older, but it’s still hit or miss with Leon.

  2. Sheesh, it has flown by!!! Caleb still wakes some nights but for the most part he is sleeping really well now (finally). He still wakes super early (around 5:30am). How about Leon? I think the kiddos not sleeping well is a good prep for a new baby!

  3. WOW! It blew me away when you asked him how old he was and he said “Two” I was like good god that is crazy! And the lawn mowing vid…well that one filled me w/ shame b/c he does it A LOT better than I do it! He has good technique–it is more advanced than a 17 year old Tyler!

  4. It is going to frighten you when you see him at Christmastime. He is like a miniature man. Scary. You should see when he and Tyler play basketball and he yells “OH MAN!” when they miss. It is hilarious.

  5. He has been waking up almost every night.. err morning at 4am. I can get him to go back to seep, but I don ‘t know what the deal is.. then he’s usually up by 7:30 or 8. Good point about the prep for a new baby, Leon probably feels like he’s doing me a favor. 🙂

  6. OH NO! It was like after I commented to you Caleb decided he needed to wake every night at 11pm screaming…only he wouldn’t go back to sleep for at least an hour! Total preparation. Just remember…it won’t last and you will long for those early morning wake ups!

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