Itchin’ to Move, Part III

Update: The inspection went well. I wasn’t there but Ty convinced me it was pretty good. There were definitely things “wrong” with the house but a couple of them are things we expected: the furnace needs to be replaced and the roof needs some maintenance. What we weren’t expecting: 6 inches of water in the crawl space. It shouldn’t be a major fix for us if the bank will not repair or pay for repairs but it is one thing we would like them to cover.

Beyond that, we are still waiting. This process is long and arduous and for a person who already has issues with patience, this is definitely a “test” in terms of my abilities- because I have no choice but to wait. I’m excited though and really hopeful this works out for our family.

This is a picture of the kitchen , minus a refrigerator and stove. The house is also missing washer/dryer so these are all things we will need to purchase. It needs a lot of work but that is something I really look forward to.

5 thoughts on “Itchin’ to Move, Part III

  1. Not yet! This is such a lengthy process. Because the house is bank-owned it seems to take so much longer than if someone is just selling their home. We should hopefully hear more Monday. The bank got two bids on repairing the crawlspace area so we are waiting to see if they will fix it or not.

  2. Oh my – water issues scare me, but if it can be fixed, that’s great. Even better if they will pay for it.

    Honestly, even buying from a private buyer may not be lightening fast – if you still close at the end of June that’s not bad at all. When we bought we had delays due to the lender processing such high volume of applications (everyone was buying then, apparently), so you never know what’s gonna hold it up.

    Perhaps this is to help you refine your patience skills 😀

  3. The water issues are something everyone has told us to run from. Fortunately, the inspector said this is more than likely from gutters that haven’t been cleaned in FOREVER and drains clogged. (the upside to that is they inspected the house when it was downpouring out so they might not have caught it if it was a nice day).

    It really does seem to take forever. Our loan guy is lightening quick and since the escrow company is local we are lucky there. But waiting on the bank to respond- GOOD LORD!

    It is already doing me in with waiting. Though, at this point, I’ve just resigned myself to waiting. I mean, we can’t move in anyway!

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