Itchin’ to Move, Part II

We put an offer on a house! In fact, I broke a cardinal rule: I fell in love with a house. Actually, I fell in love with a house that already had two offers placed on it! Eek. To make matters even worse, the house is bank owned. Color us scurred. It is in really great condition but you just never know what lies beneath- the inspection will reveal all. In the end, we may have the house or we may run for the hills.

We looked at a total of 10 houses. OK, that’s a lie. We looked at nine actually. Our realtor let us know that if we drove up to a home and hated it immediately we could leave right away. We drove up to one, I rolled my window down, and shook my head vigorously “no”. She laughed and drove off. I still shudder thinking about that house and that neighborhood.

Back to the house we want. Since the home already had two offers on it, we knew we had to be aggressive. We placed a competitive offer and waited. In fact, we were pretty convinced our offer was too low and would have to start searching again. We knew it could take a while to hear back from the bank. TWO DAYS LATER they accepted our offer! So now, we have to gather our ducks and cross our crossables that the inspection passes.

Here’s what we love:

  • We LOVE the layout and that the rooms are upstairs. I always saw myself as a rambler gal but I realized I like that the rooms have their own private area
  • The master suite had me at “a place to bathe and shower” (our current master has a toilet and sink in a cupboard. For real)
  • There is a pantry! The kitchen has an island! The kitchen is open and bright and great for entertaining!
  • There are 4 bedrooms
  • The lot is great
  • It is situated on a cul-de-sac so I have less anxiety about kids and bikes and cars
  • The driveway is long and perfect for kids to play in
  • There are so many things we can do to it to make it ours (kitchen updates, hardwoods, paint, new deck, lawn, etc)

Here’s what we’re sacrificing for it (hey, they are downfalls to everything, right?):

  • There is no basement
  • Square feet. It’s a little smaller than we were shooting for but the layout makes up for it
  • The deck is weird. The deck is great BUT there are no steps down to the lawn. Strange
  • It’s not our prime location but it is close
  • No hardwood floors

That’s about it. Not too shabby in terms of things we are sacrificing from our list. To tell the truth, I know the house isn’t ours yet and we should remain cautiously optimistic until the day it closes. Ty and I have a good feeling about it and that says a lot. Actually, it says nothing. My “gut feelings” are just me hoping for it but Ty is a different story. His “gut feelings” are usually spot on; his intuition is legit. Hey, he knew Caleb was a boy the second I got a positive pregnancy test. But if it isn’t meant to be, we will keep looking and updating on our search. But here is what it looks like just so you can see the front.

Keep your crossables crossed for us!

6 thoughts on “Itchin’ to Move, Part II

  1. I hope everything works out for you guys. Cul-de-sac will be nice, and I hope it’s still in the school district that you wanted. Carrie’s right – you can always change anything cosmetic later down the road…the location is the most important. Hope you guys don’t have to wait too long for everything to fall into place.

  2. Thanks! Inspection is tomorrow (Wednesday) and closing is set for June 28 BUT since it is bank owned, it could be a longer process. It is in the district we want and the cul-de-sac is a huge plus for us.

    We’re totally up for cosmetic changes (it’s something we’re really looking forward to).

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