Itchin’ to Move

Lately, we’ve been consumed with the idea “we gotta get out of here”. I mentioned our desire to move in our 2012 goals post and you might remember our house list from 2010 and that we had originally planned on moving last year but it never panned out. Well, today we went house hunting!

Wanna see how our old list of must haves has changed?

  • Laundry on second floor We actually don’t even care about this one now.
  • 2 living/family rooms: Still on the list! We really want an area where we can hang out and entertain and one that is for relaxing.
  • 3+ bedrooms: Still the same! Though, we would love a little extra space for a play room.
  • Attached garage: As long as there is a garage…we are content!
  • 2+ bathrooms: Because one is just not enough!
  • 2300+ square ft: We like our space. Seriously, we like our space.
  • Large kitchen: Still on the list.
  • Near a good school district: We have the area we want to moved nailed down, so this one can technically be erased because the area has great schools.
  • Yard: We’ve updated this to include “a LEVEL yard” or an area where we can have a play area for Caleb
  • Not by airports Can scratch off the list because there aren’t any airports in our target area!

We looked at three houses today and I was so excited about one of them online and when I saw it in person- I felt deflated. Boo for that initial feeling of disappointment! It was an immediate barf alarm as far as our wants/needs go. Plus, it had “horror film setting” all over it in this one dark basement area with old DOLL PARTS LAYING AROUND! Seriously creepy.

Anyway, here’s what we decided: we’re expanding our search a little bit. I was hyper focused on one specific area and am nervous we will end up settling on something when we could expand things a few miles and find something we truly love. So, that’s where we are at. We are so excited. It doesn’t hurt that our realtor is AWESOME! Seriously, go with word of mouth over anything else. She was recommended to us and I immediately liked her over the phone and liked her even more today (hey, she got my Arrested Development reference)! She has already given us such great advice and things to think/look at…plus Caleb really liked her!

Hopefully things will go well. I am trying to be as realistic as possible and know this will not be a low stress/quick process. Wish us luck!

4 thoughts on “Itchin’ to Move

  1. Wow, and you guys will be getting in at an excellent time for interest rates – good luck! I hope you find a place with all the pieces that you’re looking for.

  2. Oh man, sooo true. We were just in Richmond Beach area (Shoreline) over the weekend and saw a house that looked in poor shape for sale. We and friends were jokingly betting about what we thought the list price would be. When we pulled the flyer to check, I noticed the photos had been doctored, so it made the house look charming and appealing, when in reality it looked like a dive. Ugh! But it was still over $400,000 probably due to square footage and location. It’s not easy to shop for houses!

  3. Sheesh! That is exactly the reality of house hunting! We’re going to look at a bunch tomorrow and we’re keeping our fingers crossed we find one we love soon. This is such a bear!

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