Caleb: 19 months

Caleb’s Stats:

20 months

More words. We’re talking A LOT! “Lemon”, “pineapple”, “two”, “seven”, “all done”, “watermelon”, “more”, “cool”, “shoes”, “echo”, “ouch/owwie”,”cheese”, “please”, “hi”, “hot”, “keys”, “all done”, “thank you”, “cuckoo”,  “fishy”, “open”, “oh man!” (probably going to stop trying to keep up with his new words from here on out because in the last 10 days there have been too many to count). One strange thing is that Caleb is now calling me “mommy”. I have NO idea where it came from since I only refer to myself as “Mama” but it started once he became overly possessive of me (remember last month I posted about how he will not let Tyler snuggle with me?) At school a little boy in Caleb’s class came up and hugged me and Caleb ran over and shoved him away. He points at my arm and says “Maw-meee” in a very demanding tone. He’s also become hyper attached to Tyler. Just this morning he walked around the house yelling “DaDa” at the basement door, in the office, at the bathroom and at the bottom of the stairs.

Caleb really likes to hurt himself and run to one of us to give him kisses. Sometimes he doesn’t even hurt himself and he runs over and shoves his hand in your face so you will kiss it. He really enjoys washing his hands and face and is learning to do so before and after meals. Caleb went down a big twisty slide by himself! That was so excited to watch. However, the day the hot slide burned his leg led to him insisting the slides are “hot” at all times. He loves humming/singing Twinkle Twinkle and trying to say his ABC’s; he does this during bed time and randomly walks around our house singing. It might just be my favorite thing he does. Everything is about jumping, running/chasing and throwing. Everything. This month Caleb is really into helping around the house. He cleans up and especially loves “washing dishes”.

Eating: We pushed Caleb up to our table so now he can actually sit with us and eat. We have candlelit meals, daily. He loves having the candles lit and saying “hot” and trying to blow them out (see photo evidence above). He’s been eating really well except during the days his eye teeth are coming; eating is pretty scant on those days. He loves this tower so much though. Tyler built it for him (it’s Ana White’s Helper Tower) and it is so cool. I bet all kids want this. (It’s in the process of being painted. I painted a yellow base coat but Tyler and Caleb are going to tackle that bad boy with other paint so it should turn out- interesting).

Bed: Sheesh. Bedtime has been taking a long time lately. He fights it like the dickens and will sometimes try to tickle us, sing Twinkle Twinkle, yell Mama or Dada or kick his legs. We could just lay him in his crib and walk out but we still rock him and snuggle him to sleep. I love it. It is one of those things I like doing and I know he will grow out of it someday so it’s something we can do until he “grows up”. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Caleb’s desire to snuggle after he wakes up and randomly throughout the day. I can safely say he demands snuggle time. After naps and in the a.m. he wants to snuggle for at least 20-30 minutes before he starts to go crazy. It is so sweet. I treasure those times.

This month is mostly marked by language and growth. Literally. Caleb is huge. He is in size 7 shoes and 3T/4T tops. Holy crap, we know he will be big but he just seems to have grown 3 inches overnight. He is as big as the 3 years old in his school! The coolest thing is that Caleb’s school has a great online program in which his teachers email us photos and cue us in on his emotional development. Last week we got pictures of Caleb using scissors. He couldn’t quite figure them out but for some reason reading about his persistence with those scissors made me tear up. He is getting so big and blossoming into such an inquisitive and loving boy.










2 thoughts on “Caleb: 19 months

  1. You got the boy a-washin’ dishes?! What’s next? Opening a sweatshop in the basement and having him work down there making shoes?! Oh the humanity! J/K.

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