Super Mom

What does a Super Mom look like? I use to think it was a woman in a suit who comes home from work and makes dinner for her family. I thought she probably bathed and put her kids to bed in time to spend time with her partner. Maybe this woman was so special she also went to bed every night in sexy pajamas and made love to her husband. When she woke up she made breakfast and somehow got ready for work while getting her kid(s) ready. She probably looked really beautiful while doing all of this. On the weekends she went out with friends for drinks and laughed and talked about her upcoming vacation.

No, that’s not right. It has to be a woman who stays at home with her children and makes sure all of their meals are homemade and healthful. This mom has an amazing body because when her children are napping, she is exercising. This mom probably home schools her children and only dresses her family in organic/natural fibers. This mom bakes bread every week and sews most of her children’s clothes. She also may feed her family a gluten-free/vegan/paleo diet because it is better for them. This mom is an amazing crafter and ensures that everything in her home looks impeccable; just like Martha would.

I cannot for the life of me imagine how these two images of Super Mom have become somewhat of a standard for how we evaluate mothers (I actually can but this is my outlet- not my classroom). Certainly I described extremes but trust me, these are cultural ideals of who Super Mom is. One thing I am pretty sure of? I bet both of these moms would do anything for their kid(s). But would they take on a T-Rex for their kid?

Am I a Super Mom? Yes. Well, sometimes. There are times when I’m just “meh”; those are times when I am just “mama”. Last night I was in bed thinking about the things that make me feel like a Super Mom. I thought and thought. Is it when I get laundry caught up or the kitchen cleaned? Is it when I feel like I look beautiful even though I have a watermelon stain on my shirt? Is it when I get Caleb fed, take him to the park/school, and then manage to get him to bed early enough so that I can can spend quality time with Ty? I sat in bed thinking about what Super Mom means to be.

I came to a huge realization. I feel like Super Mom when I ask for help. No, wait, I feel like Super Mom because I have help. I feel like Super Mom when I get to take a shower. I feel like Super Mom when Caleb calls me “mommy”. I feel like Super Mom when I remember deodorant. I feel like Super Mom when Caleb goes down for a nap and I can relax. I feel like Super Mom when changing a jumping toddler with a poopy diaper in the back seat of my car. I feel like Super Mom when I kiss Caleb’s “owies”. I feel like Super Mom when Tyler wakes up with Caleb in the morning so I can sleep in. All of these are things I wouldn’t have thought about before I had Caleb.

It wasn’t until I actually became a mom that I realized what being a mother is. It is not the result of the compilation of the things you accomplish in one day but rather how you feel about what you have accomplished. Each day I am Super Mom. Even if it is only for 10 minutes. But let me tell you, those 10 minutes in the shower, are 10 minutes I look forward to every single day.

One thought on “Super Mom

  1. My cape usually hides under the same fleece zip up I wear every day because I am too tired to pick something else out! I love this. I agree with it all. Each day you can feel like a different type of super mom; and yes showers help for sure!

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