“I Swear” Jar

We have a problem. That problem is my mouth. I swear way to much. With a toddler running around trying to repeat everything we say- it HAS to stop. Case and point: one of Caleb’s first words was “cap”. Not like baseball cap but “cap” as in “crap” minus his ability to say “r”. Now, that is not a horrible word for him to say but we don’t want it going any further.

I have a tendency to drop the F Bomb when I get hurt. (Hey, I just read an article that said swearing out loud when you are hurt actually does make you feel better!) But I need to stop. I use to swear a lot and Ty has been calling me on it for a while now so I have cut down quite a bit. The problem? Ty swears too. Usually only when he plays video games but still- I hear it, so it counts!

Our remedy was to make a “swear jar”. I just spray painted one of our mason jars from our wedding and then added a fancy piece of fabric to really gussy it up. (I also cut a slit in the lid so that we could drop in our money). When Manfriend saw it he said “why is it so frilly?” Uh, duh. Because that is the irony; the swear jar is pretty because it collects money for ugly things.

We are adding .50 cents every time a swear is heard. So far the jar has been out for one day. There is already $2 in it!

But wait. It didn’t go as well as planned. I had this brilliant idea to do something I saw on PInterest from here. Right there you should know it went to shit. Actually, this is a really cute idea but my first try just didn’t work. Maybe I need a better glue gun. Maybe I need better handwriting. Maybe this is just one of those things where it looks better on Pinterest than it does in real life.

Heebie Jeebies.

4 thoughts on ““I Swear” Jar

  1. Good idea and great color too! It would never work for me. Considering I would probably go broke in a week. I have to try hard, the kids repeat everything.

    It always looks better on Pinterest for me. It looks so easy and I could totally do it…then I do it and it is crap.

  2. Love this! I said eww to something on Saturday, and now that’s Leon’s new favorite word. It’s amazing how fast they pick up on things. I think a swear jar is a great idea, as much as we do it over here, we’d have a family vacation paid for in no time. How do you break the habit?! I cringe the day my son says “Mama, what’s a douche bag?” Love the pinterest attempt, I thought about maybe trying that with the puffy paint bottles, since they have a finer tip, but don’t know how well they would do on the glass. PS when I read I swear on your jar, the rest of the lyrics came flooding in to my head….”by the moon and the stars in the sky…I’ll be there”

  3. Did you see the ep of The Simpsons where Homer had a swear jar? Comedic gold, my friend. He steps on a nail and he is like, “Oh…fiddly dee…that will require a tetanus shot.”

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