Temperatures, Charting, and a Scare…

Last week I started taking my basal body temperature again with the hopes of getting my cycles figured out. The last six months (oh wait, let me add this caution: this post is about menstruation, cycles, temperatures, etc, so opt out now if you aren’t interested) my cycles have been all over the place. Some days they are 27 days and others they are 24 days. Never predictable. My cycles use to run like clockwork so this is new to me.

Here is what my charts looked like when we were “working” on Caleb. I’m only showing the charts for the month I got pregnant and the month before that. I was using Fertility Friend, which is SUCH an awesome website but I am not using it so far. I might if I start to notice issues with my iPhone app but so far I am content.

Here is what some of this stuff means:
CM: cervical mucus, yay! The E is in green because that is the most fertile type of cervical fluid- like egg whites. It grips the sperm and wrangles ’em in.
BD: this is baby makin’ lingo and it means “baby dancing”. You can see the four times we has sex around my fertile peak. None of those times made a baby. (I also didn’t note intercourse any other time because that’s just for fun!)
OPK: when you use an ovulation predictor kit it will give you a + when you are fertile. Self explanatory.
CP: this is the position of your cervix. If you get woosy at all about the idea of feeling your cervix, grow up, it’s anatomy and if you are a woman, you should know your cervix well.

Do you see how my chart above has a vertical dashed red line? This is probably when I ovulation. Do you see the temps after that? They are high because of the progesterone in our bodies post ovulation (pre O is when estrogen kicks in, hence the lower temps). Do you see my last temp and how it drops? That means I got my period. Whomp, whomp (not really cause Caleb came the next month!)

Here is the chart for the month Caleb was conceived:

The green line is when I got a positive pregnancy test. Do you see in the blue line how there is a weird dip on the 12th of January? That is more than likely when the embryo implanted. It is usually called an implantation dip. When my temp went up the next day I had a feeling things were looking up…but I didn’t get a positive test result for 5 days after that.

As you can see, charting is intense. If you’ve never looked at charting before it is overwhelming. After a month or so it becomes really easy to figure out. Plus, charting is the best way to determine when you ovulated (it doesn’t predict, only tells you when you did) so it is useful to chart for a few months before you actually try to conceive so you can see any patterns, etc.

So far, charting has been a wash for me. Ideally, you need to take your temp right when you wake up (before you really even move) after a number of hours of restful sleep for the most accurate read. Here’s my issue, I am not sleeping well at all. I usually wake up every couple of hours so it is hard for my readings to be accurate. That, and I sometimes lay there thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow”. So, as of now, I haven’t been consistent with it.

To this final part of this post. We had a wicked imightbepregnant scare this month. Yikes. Because my cycles have been a bit wonky and I haven’t been temping properly- I discovered after the fact that we might be in “trouble”. Thankfully, we are all clear! What made it even worse is that I had hyper nausea the entire week before my period (which I normally do but when you think you could be pregnant, any sort of nausea makes you freak out). Of course, this wouldn’t be a “scare” in the normal sense because we are OK with having a baby now we just PLANNED on waiting until this summer to try.

If I were pregnant this month, we would have a baby in early December. I was mentally bracing myself for an Apocalypse baby! (clearly a joke). But Winter quarter is my busiest month at work and taking that quarter off is not an option financially. We are shooting for late spring, early summer. Truth be told: I was certainly OK with the thought I could be pregnant, however, once it was confirmed I was not pregnant, I was elated. Like super elated, sigh of relief, celebrate your period excited. Crazy huh.

But here’s the crazy thing: I had a wicked crazy fish dream that week. Know what that means? Someone I know is about to get pregnant and I think I know who it may be… I was cleaning three tanks full of fish and continually moving fish around because they were attacking each other. I also had a tank full of spiders and scorpions and they kept fighting- then I found a kitten in the tank with the bugs. Weird, I know but I keep dreaming about spiders so there has to be some strange thing going on there. (Read more about my fish dreams here).

7 thoughts on “Temperatures, Charting, and a Scare…

  1. Did you know that FF has an iphone app? The way you worded it made it sound like you were using a different app, but the FF one works great – same chart, etc.

  2. Intense! I have never charted before. Not gonna lie, it does look overwhelming! I think I am going to look into it. Daniel and I have gone back and forth about when to start trying again, and I think I need to figure out how my body works before we give it a go. With Leon I was off birth control for 2 months and got pregnant. Now being back on bc my cycles have been off.

    We’re hoping for a late spring or summer baby as well. Summer quarter is so slow at my office, so that would be nice. I told Daniel if we decide to go forth, July-August is hot and heavy time. haha Otherwise we’ll have to wait till summer 2013. 😉

  3. Haha! We going to start trying this summer so maybe we’ll have one in the same month again!? You should check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. If anything, charting just tells you so much about your body. I really like seeing when I actually ovulated because it helps you for the next month.

    You are so strong for going back on BC! I HATE it and haven’t been on it for about 5 years! Sheesh, it did me ddirty!

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