Caleb: 17 months

Caleb’s Stats:

Talking ALOT! “UH OH! Whatsat!?” which is basically one word, “BAH” (say this with a Souther drawl because that is exactly how he says bye). Can say “caw caw” for crow, moo for cow, “ooh ooh ooh” for monkey, “ssss” for snake, wolf howl sound, squeak for mouse, seal bark, rooster sound, “up”, “ball”, and “pop”. He somehow got into Little Einsteins (a show on Disney) and really loves it. In fact, he interacts with it often and “pats” his legs with the show and seems to really love the music (of course). He really has gotten good at yelling “DADDY!” and can say “CoCo” for Chloe. He likes to call for Butters by patting on the bed or his leg and yelling “DUTTTERS”. She usually jumps on our bed when he does it which makes trying to get him to go to sleep a real bear. He has been trying to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and a few other things I hum to him.

One of the most exciting things this month is that Caleb seems to really understand most things we say to him. I asked him to “go get me the purple ring” and he ran over and found the purple toy and brought it to me. He also has been pointing to pictures and identifying things. For example, we say “where is the tractor?” or “where is the _____?” (insert different animals/things here) and he points to it. It is frightening how quickly he is picking things up. He just started signing “eat” and is signing a lot of the time to let us know what he wants.

Food: Caleb is eating really well again. He had sloppy joes and fish and chips for the first time this month and he loved them! His favorite foods are stir fry, mac and cheese and he’s really been diggin’ waffles lately. His latest love has been grapes. I cut them in quarters for him because he has a wicked gagging+choking=inevitable vomiting ability that is outrageous. I’m not kidding- this kid barfs ALL the time!

Sleep: Caleb has been going to be between 6-7pm but has been waking at 5am (his avg wake time is 5:30)! Some days he would wake at 4:45am ready to go! It was a nightmare. He is sleeping well through the night and is napping well during the weekends (usually 2-3 hrs). At school he does nap but only for about 1-1.5 hrs so on weeknights he tends to go to bed early.

Potty Training: We are still going slow at getting him use to the potty. I bought him this book, and he loves it. We bought him the Baby Bjorn Potty Seat and Toilet Trainer and so far he is interested in them…but not more than a few minutes worth. He loves waving “bye” to the toilet when we flush and he gets that the potty is for peeing but hasn’t fully put the two together. For example, last week he stood IN the potty chair and peed on the floor (so he gets that is where he should potty but clearly not that he should be peeing INTO the container). This week I saw him carrying the potty chair as he peed. Again, he gets that he needs the potty chair…but clearly he is not willingly peeing into it. He has peed in it a few times though and we are taking this very slowly and at his pace so that he doesn’t become disinterested.

He is growing in a little boy and makes us laugh so much each day. He is not a shy kid at all. In fact, he waves at everyone and has recently begun blowing kisses to strangers at the store. As long as he notices that we are comfortable and at ease in a room- he will adapt quickly- though he had to go into another classroom the other morning and he had a nervous breakdown. I think it was because his routine was thrown off but he seriously walked in the room apprehensively, took one look, and then turned around and shoved his head into my leg and wailed. It was hyper dramatic and I felt bad laughing but it looked like he thought I was leaving him in some strange place or pulling a bait-and-switch on him. He plays really well with his classmates and it makes me even more excited to see him with a little sidekick one day. I always tell people he is a “lover” and it’s true. He is a notorious “sympathy crier” and will cry if he sees other kids cry. Apparently, it happens often at school. He wells up and points at the other kid who is crying and then once they are both consoled he acts like nothing ever happened.

I need to take a running tally on his total words so far. I’ve been worried that he isn’t “talking” as much as other kids but then I read that speech pathologists say that animals sounds are words too and count! We’ve been thinking that means he has about 40 words total so far. (I think 50 by age 2 is their preference). ¬†Overall this month has been so interesting (they all seem to be) and fun. What did we do with ourselves before he was born!?

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