Guess What I Did?

I sold my wedding dress! I chose the website PreOwnedWeddingDresses because it has awesome reviews. You have to pay a small fee to post your gown but they almost guarantee you will sell it within 6 months. I posted my gown in December and sold it at the end of January. I actually had a total of 11 inquiries into my gown but sold it to the first woman who contacted me (granted, she contacted me in December but couldn’t pay until January so I was willing to work with her). It didn’t take long to sell at all and I made sure to post HIGH QUALITY pictures (many are cell phone quality and that is a big turn off to someone willing to spend hundreds of dollars!). You might be wondering why I decided to sell my dress…

1. I will never wear it again.

2. I am not attached to the dress. Yes, I wore it on a very special day but I am much more attached to the day than the gown. I have pictures to remind me of how I looked in it, on that day.

3. If we have a daughter I will not be that mother who begs her to re-use my gown in some way, shape, or form.

4. It has been hanging on our office door since September 18, 2011.

5. I loved my dress and felt beautiful in it and I wanted someone else to get the benefit of my dress.

Was I sad? A little actually. But I was much more relieved to see it gone, knowing the woman who bought it will be unbelievably beautiful and happy in it. Also, you couldn’t imagine how nice it was to remove it from the office door where it has basically been staring at us for the past four months.

(Images from Carrie Stroud Photography)

3 thoughts on “Guess What I Did?

  1. That’s awesome. I think a congrats is in order. That’s a big deal in my opinion. Why do we save it? More than not a future daughter is not going to have the same taste in style or body size 20+ years from now. I think it’s silly to have it cleaned and put in a box just to never be worn again. Mine mopped up beer spills on the dance floor, so it definitely needs to be cleaned, do you think I’d have a chance at selling it if that’s the case? Thanks for the website.

  2. Yes, you absolutely could sell it! I would get it cleaned first and then see. I didn’t have mine cleaned. I told the buyer that I would pay shipping as long as she did the dry cleaning (the bottom of mine was dirty since we were outside).

    You should at least try it and see! Even a little money for it is better than it just hanging there never to be used again!

  3. Ahh Mark looks so enthused pause not. Ha and apparently Corey missed the memo where we’re doing whatever we’re all doing. And dang it looks like that handsome gent on the far left is trying to bump and grind w/ Sarah ha ha.

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