Handprint Cow Valentine’s Day Card

Handprint Cow Valentine Card

It’s been too long since I’ve made Manfriend a home made card (see here). In fact, it’s something that has been on my mind a lot. I use to make him cards every year. Usually two holidays a year but since Caleb was born- I’ve done nada. That is- until Valentine’s Day.

Did we celebrate? Nope, not yet. We don’t do much for V day as is. We usually go out the week before or after. Though, Manfriend did bring home a big ‘ole cheesy heart shaped box of chocolates that was on sale. We devoured it. Even Caleb knew goodies were in there because he brought it to Manfriend and signed “more”. How he knew there was edibles in there, we will never know. Back to the card…

You could use an actual hand print but I just used our copy machine and copied Caleb’s hand (he won’t let me do hand prints right now…) From that, I traced his hand to make the cow utters. I was going to write, “We’re utterly MAD about you” but I didn’t have room on the card. So I settled for, “We utterly love you”.

On the inside of the card, I put Caleb’s hand in a heart shape with a caption: “High five if your dad is as cool as mine!”

Handprint in heart

The card was fun to make and I feel good that I was finally able to make a card for Manfriend. (I think he was a little sad about the lack of cards…)

4 thoughts on “Handprint Cow Valentine’s Day Card

  1. Hey, if you had used “Mad” I would have instantly thought “Mad Cow” disease. Good move with the little heart. Hahahaha! It cute, but dang, that’s a rather large, dangling udder. Very clever.

  2. Apparently I’m the only one that finds the upside down hands / udders mad creepy, yo! (You should be glad I refrained from using udder as a pun for utter, like “udderly creepy” ahhh see my sense of humor is becoming more refined in 5 yr intervals).

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