Caleb: 16 months

Caleb’s Stats:

16 months

Caleb has been growing like a weed this past month. It makes sense since at his last check-up he hadn’t really grown too much. He’s already wearing 24 months/2T clothing and it is frightening. He is no longer the youngest kid at school but he is definitely one of the “big kids”. On the topic of school- I was extremely anxious about him going back. He was “off” for about 6 weeks. When he was supposed to go back, he was super sick. The week after that school was canceled because of the weather. So he was definitely in for a surprise going back. He has a rough first week and my main concern was that he would be there during nap time this quarter. I wish I was joking when I say I was worried about that all winter break. I was worried he would not take a nap there and would be the one kid running around in the hallway while the other kids napped. He has napped every single day. Who is this kid? He’s definitely a different kid when he is with all of his friends than he his at home.

This month has been one in which Caleb’s tastes in music are really coming out. He LOVES Coldplay’s “Paradise” (this is “eh-eh-pa” because their are elephants in the video). His favorite song right now is Deadmau5 “Aural Psynapse” and he really loves the Sesame Street Youtube channel and this song. Caleb also LOVES this 3rd & Bird song. Good lord! He could listen to these songs over and over…and he does!

One of the biggest changes this month is that we stopped the bottle. He was still using it before naps and bed but we quit cold turkey in one day. It went really well! Namely because he loves his Born Free Sippy- we are very thankful to not any weaning issues. Climbing has been a big thing this month…and throwing- everything. Combine that with his lack of fear and I am nervous. If he isn’t throwing an object or food he is trying to throw himself off the couch on a daily basis. I swear I spend half of my days leaping forward to catch him. This would probably explain my sudden back pains!

Lots of talking right now. Let me be clear here- there is a lot of talking going on but a lot of it is his attempts to say words and the rest is babbles. He “reads” to himself often and we have no idea what he is saying then but it really is sweet. Some of his new words he’s working on:  “light”, “necklace”, “dinosaur”, “that”,  “outside”, “buzz”, “rawr”, “oink sound”, “tweet sound”, “oh geez”, “tickle tickle” and “get you” which he says as he runs off trying to get us to chase him. Caleb really enjoys feeding the dogs treats and “helping” us feed the dogs, do laundry, and clean. I love this because I have always said his first chore will be to feed the dogs.

I am exhausted and commuting with a toddler is tough (I cannot wait to move). I love this age. I know many people struggle with the toddler age and I have heard that age 1-2 is the hardest. I believe it. He is making us work for it.

(I let Caleb feed himself pudding. He clearly loved it!)









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