1. Caleb’s name was my decision. Ty liked the name but I was set on his name the moment we knew he was a boy. I also wanted a name of people who were attractive. I’ve yet to meet an unattractive “Caleb” (hello, have you seen Caleb Followill!?). I’m serious- had I been set on his name and met a Caleb who weirded me out, his name would have been different.

2. I sometimes go to bed with makeup on. Bad, I know.

3. I go on foodkicks and eat my food in circles. I can eat the same meal for days and days and never get tired of it. I also have to eat my sandwiches in a circular motion- working inward. I have to eat my food on my plate in order: smallest to largest or veggies to meat. Certain foods absolutely cannot touch (salad and mashed potatoes? Oh no. That gravy betta not creepy on my lettuce!)

4. We don’t really have “sides of the bed”. I’m always amused by how much this shocks people. We sleep on sides of the bed normally but I always switch it up. Thankfully, Tyler deals with it. Sometimes I just want to know what he’s experiencing and I might be missing out on.

5. We let our dogs clean up Caleb’s messes…What the heck do people without dogs do when they have babies!?

6. Caleb is a barfer. Always has been. If he even gags a little- he will barf. It is disgusting. (On the same token, something that happens that totally grosses us out is that Chloe cleans up Caleb’s vomit!)

7. I cut all of our hair. I’ve never been trained but I know how to do it. It came naturally to me and I am actually really good at it. I use to cut my families hair too (and color) but with our schedules, it’s just me, Caleb and Ty.

8. I’m addicted to coffee. I’m embarrassed. I should be after my rant about coffee. I plan on quitting in March though!

9. I hate winter. Especially January and February (which is why I am not quitting coffee until March. I need something to help me get by).

10. I need to lose 25 lbs! I literally gained 12 lbs right before our wedding! (the whole “wedding diet” everyone was raving about was a lie. When I am stressed- I eat! I don’t starve myself!) I do weigh less than I have in 4 years BUT I still gotta lose some lbs. One motivator: my doctor. She is scary as shit. For reals. One time she looked me square in the eyes and said “you could afford to lose some weight”. I dread my visits. Change doctors? No way! I love that she keeps it real. And her fear mongering motivates me.

11. I’m worried our next kid won’t be very cute. Listen, we know Caleb is adorable. He robbed all of our good genetics so the next will no doubt come out looking like Steve Buscemi. (I shudder).

12. I could eat sushi every. single. night. Mmm.

13. I think I have Flintstone feet-my toes taper down from biggest to smallest. (I read that these are called Egyptian toes, rather than Greek toes- where the second toe is longer than the first). I felt better after reading that because I always felt like my feet were weird- guess not!

14. I have a serious problem laughing at situations when I should be sad or crying. It is highly inappropriate- I know.

15. I swear way to much.

16. I wish I made more money. There was a time when I could have (see here) but what I really wish is that I could make more money doing the job I am doing. Wait…don’t most people wish this…

17. We let Caleb party in our house naked after his baths. He pees on the floor…and poops sometimes. Naked time is his favorite time. It also helps them learn to feel when they need to pee/poop. We do this for him to learn about his body but also in efforts to get him used to not peeing/pooping in a diaper.

18. I let Caleb hang in the bathroom with me when I get ready, put on makeup, use the toilet. Then we wave and say “bye poopoo” or “bye pee”. Again, these are all efforts to get him used to using the toilet.

19. Brains give me the heebie jeebies. I can’t look at pictures of them; they make me sick. I can’t even talk about the way they look because I start picturing them. Horf.

20. I make up songs for my dogs. I change lyrics but keep the same tune. For example: Little Miss Cant Be Wrong becomes LIttle Miss Chloe JOnes.

21. I hate that I am not more open about my feelings. I also dislike that I am not very touchy-feely and can come off very rude. I am working on this because I know I seem insensitive but the truth is that I get very uncomfortable talking/touching other people (besides Ty, of course).

22. Being a mom is hard. There are times when I just want a vacation, alone. It usually only lasts a little while but I do get burnt out. It is tough. I wish it was more acceptable in our society to be able to say “I am exhausted” or “today, I just want to be alone”.

23. I am a floss-o-holic. If I don’t floss daily I feel disgusting. I can “feel” spaces in between my teeth and it grosses me out.

24. I have a really short attention span. I actually have been diagnosed with ADHD-I if you want to know the truth. I have taken meds for it but I stopped when we were baby-makin and I haven’t started ’em up again. Do I want to? Nope, I actually feel like I cope pretty well. I am awfully creative in general and have a million projects going on at once (hence the two jobs things and being a mama…use to be three jobs!) but I am worried that little CMac will inherit some of this so I make sure his diet is solid right now in hopes of curtailing anything drastic. (Diet has been shown to assist children with ADHD for a long time. Especially protein early in the morning. Little man gets eggs every. single. morning).

25. I have a very short fuse and zero patience. (see above). I actually have been known to throw things that don’t work when I want them to. In fact, Tyler has had to tell me to “step away” many times. I once jammed a screw driver into a cd player because the door jammed. There are many more examples…but I won’t be sharing them because as I type them out- it horrifies me.

26. I’ve cursed all of our friends and family members with first babies who were “dream sleepers”, “calm”,  and “sweet”. May baby number two bring you as much joy as we have had with Caleb. (Truthfully, he’s a doll. But he was a lousy sleeper and is a maniac – yes, we know where he gets it from). So watch out guys and I’ll be waiting to hear about it!

27. I am afraid of the dark and very claustrophobic. I always have been. I doubt it will ever change. Not fearful to the point that I am incapacitated by it but I certainly hate being in dark rooms alone. Actually, if I even begin to think about being trapped in a small dark space I can feel my heartbeat start to race.

28. I want babies. I drive Tyler nuts because I go back and forth between wanting two and three. I really love the idea of huge family get togethers and holidays. I use to only want two but now I am really set on three. Right now at least. We’ll test drive two and get back to you…

7 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Well…if that was the rationale for naming Caleb, why didn’t you name him Faisal since you only know one VERY attractive Faisal; and, if you didn’t get the memo, Faisal is the new Amanda!

  2. haha! love your reasoning. Could you imagine IF Caleb’s name was “Faisal”? That would be so funny.

    It wasn’t the sole rationale. However, it was the top name and I don’t know any creepos (yet) with that name.

  3. I love this so much I do not know where to begin. First let’s just say I was terrified our second (Kate) would not hold a flame to Oly. I was wrong they are both adorable…bias of course. Caleb will have adorable siblings-note the “s”. I feel three for you guys.

    We have had kid poo too many times on the floor than I should admit. After bath time is “naked baby or naked big girl time” shouted, as they run naked through the house. It is a must.

    I love your comment on peoples baby number two. I agree, there is always a calm before the storm!!!

    So glad you can say being a mom is hard, so many people wont admit it.

    What’s alone time? Is that supposed to be when I pee….cuz that doesn’t happen there either.

    Fun post Jenn I liked reading it all!

  4. You’re awesome! So enjoyed reading this.

    Naked time before and after the bath has become a thing in our house too. I wish we didn’t have carpet throughout the house so he could really explore. Cabo was great, all tile floors, so he spent a good amount of time in the condo naked. 🙂

    Coffee. I never thought I’d be addicted to it. Like you, I’ve never preferred the taste. I prefer the sweetness of flavors over coffee. Daniel says I’m a coffee snob, but that’s only because I can’t drink brewed coffee. It makes me sick to my stomach. It has to be espresso. Strange, I know. Since Leon was born I’ve definitely drank more coffee in my life than ever. I blame it on the hardships of motherhood and lack of sleep. When we start trying again, I’ll turn my coffee over for a home made smoothie. Hope that’s not easier said than done.

  5. I love everything about this. I think that I love it the most because it is very raw and real and self-accepting if that makes sense. I think making a list of who we are and WHAT we are solidifies things a lot. It makes us present and accepting of everything about us and then one day we can look back and know the truth was told.

  6. Thanks guys! I actually felt better getting all of that out. Truth be told…I could think of about 50 more things to “confess” but these were the only ones I came up with at the time. When you tune into Facebook and other social media, everyone only posts the “sunshine’y” info and it’s not healthy. We all have things we love/dislike about our appearance, who we are, how we handle things. But these things are part of who I am and reading them is tough for me…but it’s true.

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