Silhouette Art

I’ve been planning on making silhouette art since Caleb was born. (I honestly have about 50 pictures ranging from one month to now). I basically snapped photos anytime I thought I could get a good profile shot. After looking back at all of them, I think the picture from when he was exactly a year are my favorites. Why? It looks like him. They change so much the first year and it might be fun to make an art project with all of them one day. For now, I like having this one in our living room.

I took a profile shot and then made it into a silhouette in Photoshop.

And here it is on our wall (pardon the shoddy photo).

I’ve already decided that I hate the printed paper background. It is getting changed out asap!

2 thoughts on “Silhouette Art

  1. This is such a cute idea – I remember doing this in 4th grade I think. Even as a bigger kid, it’s pretty cute. You say you hate the patterned background paper – I actually really like just the black & white version – like maybe you could do a solid color background so the focus stays on the shape of the silhouette?

    Also, the downward pointing shape in the finished version makes me think of old-fashioned busts of famous people 🙂 The traditional style seems to include some of the front of the upper torso, but not much of the back, like your silhouette. So maybe you should do another of Caleb wearing a powdered wig, as a joke 🙂

  2. haha! Love the wig joke- if only he could keep it on. Maybe in another year or two? I do plan on swapping it out with a solid background to make the silhouette pop. I actually made the bottom like that on purpose because of the way the old fashioned ones look. The final one is actually flipped so I will need to change it because that isn’t his true “left” side.

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