Normally I wouldn’t post about this but I think this is such a great story! I know a lot of police officers and truth be told- I am one of those people who thinks they should be treated just like everyone else. They are going to a job just like you or me. In fact, I often think after all of the school shootings just how dangerous any job can be. I stand in my classrooms and think “what is the fastest way out”, “do these doors lock from the inside”, “is the room easily accessible from the main entrance”, “would someone actually want to shoot people?”. The difference is this: once you hear a story about a friend, who could have died- at work, well, you sort of look at things differently.

Back story: this guy has wanted to be a police officer since he was a little kid. I only know one other police officer like that. To me, and I know to many others, becoming a police officer is a fallback career. An “I couldn’t pick a job so it was either the military or police work”. I know that sounds really harsh but it is very true. Not for our friend though. He has wanted this his whole life and we have always respected him for that. He is one of those police officers who doesn’t boast about his job or try to get attention for his job (he once told us to not tell anyone he was a police officer because he didn’t want people to treat him differently). In fact, he downplayed his whole silver medal of valor incident to the point that I had to explain in detail to one of our friends what he did. Who the heck does that!? I probably would have had t-shirts made that said “you are looking at a hero”. (You think I’m kidding…)

Anyway, I wanted to take this time, after more wine than I should admit (I apologize for typos) to honor our friend Keith. He could have been killed and in a flash not only thought about saving himself but another person. Scratch that, he saved someone he was arresting! Someone many people would have thought to leave there and run. I wouldn’t usually dote on these sorts of events because it is in their job description; he knows he could leave for work and never return home. It doesn’t matter though. He has a wife and two sweet girls who love their father and after hearing this story, how close he came to not coming home to them, I think he deserves a lot of attention.

So here’s to our friend, Keith. An awesome father, friend, and a great police officer. You definitely deserve this award and recognition! If you want to read more about the story, go here!

3 thoughts on “Honor

  1. It took me what, 5 years almost, to finally realize the difference between this profession and anyone elses. Because really, we can all be in danger in our jobs at any given time. He constantly told me, “When everyone else is running away from the bad thing, we are running towards it”. Makes sense.

    I bet a good portion of the people I know do not know he is a police officer. He likes it that way. I had massive anxiety when I posted the article on fb, I almost deleted it right after I did it!

    I agree great father/husband/friend/officer!

  2. It is so cool he got the award…and is alive! I admire Keith for doing something he has always wanted to do. I would hate Ty being gone weird hours and his schedule changing and the lack of predictability so I know how tough it is on you and the girls too! Such an awesome honor for him and he totally deserves it!

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