New Year! 2012

Happy New Year! In typical Jennifer fashion I was in bed by 10pm and passed out by 10:30pm. We had a really busy day because Manfriend was sick and had to go to the hospital. (Special shout out to my sister who drove down to put Caleb to bed so I could go be with Ty.

In the past I shared our 2009 goals and 2010 goals, so in keeping with the trend, here are our goals for 2012:

Some of these are great big goals while others are pretty minimal and day-to-day (and some are just mine). Hopefully we can keep to our goals and make 2012 a great year. I sort of have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!


4 thoughts on “New Year! 2012

  1. Cool, thanks for sharing. “Make a baby” in 2012? Whoa where did this one come from?! But exciting nonetheless! What is “family swim?” Like swimming lessons for Caleb (and Tyler ha ha!).

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