Caleb: 15 months

Caleb’s Stats:
Height: 32 inches
Weight: 27.13lbs

15 months

No surprise here that Caleb is sill infatuated with Butters… He throws the ball for her often and tries to force her to play, even when she is sleeping. He’s been hitting Chloe and chasing her around the house yelling. Not sure if he can tell she isn’t that into him but he does treat her much differently than he treats Butters. He can point to his nose, mouth, ear when we ask “where’s your ___”. He has mastered climbing on and off the couches and will often climb on top of Butters and jump on the couch. He has gotten really good a mimicking us and carries the broom around the house trying to sweep. He likes spinning in circles and walking backwards, both things often end in him falling. Caleb has been talking a lot lately. We have no idea what he is saying but he is talking. Sometimes for long periods of time. We just say “really?” and try to decipher what he is talking about. Usually, he talks the most when we are getting ready to leave; maybe he is hyping himself up? He can now say “Butt-urrr” for Butters, “ho ho ho”, almost “apple”, and more animal noises (he “moo’s” for cow and says “owwwww-waaaa” for wolf). He walks around pinching his fingers when asked “what does a crab do?” and then runs around pinching his fingers laughing.

Caleb has been using his potty chair! Actually, this is what happens: he walks over to his chair and leans on it and then pees in his diaper. If we catch him when he is naked he will pee in the chair but what is most exciting here is that he actually understands what the potty is for! It doesn’t matter that he poops on the floor or pees after he walks away from the chair, it is progress that he gets the association between the chair and peeing and pooping.

Caleb really likes coloring and goes to the art supply drawer when I ask if he wants to color. He got a kid’s table for Christmas and it is great for coloring; I envision him using it a lot. In terms of tantrums, well, Caleb likes to head bang or throw himself back when mad. He ends up hurting himself or us. Thankfully, his fits are only lasting about 30 seconds right now but I am sure they will get worse as he gets older. Caleb visited Santa twice this year (the first picture came out horrible) and both times he just sat there. No tears. No smile either but at least he wasn’t screaming like everyone warned me.

The worst event of the last month was Caleb’s massive accident. He fell off the bed in our basement, face first onto the concrete floor. It was bad (see below). He cut his lip pretty bad and had a bloody mouth and nose. I took him to the doctor to be safe but he healed just fine…of course, I was more traumatized than he was. I relive that moment in slow motion over and over in my mind and each time I shudder. He loves the giraffe (below) that he got from his girlfriend but his all time favorite toy is his polar bear from IKEA. I cannot find it anywhere and I feel like we need to buy another one just to have on hand. He won’t sleep without it and often cries until we get it out of his crib for him to carry around. It is huge but he loves it and when he sleeps with it- it looks like it is devouring his face.

Caleb loves books and will sometimes “read” to himself. Favorites: Baby Woof Woof (I want to burn this one!), My Big Animal Book, and Snuggle Puppy (I end up singing this one over and over). Since I had Fridays off this month I was able to take him to Toddler Time at the library. He loved the stories and the bubbles and running around with other kids. (Actually, he tends to run over to the prettiest mom and stare. He’s crazy like that). Caleb really enjoys music and videos on YouTube. His current favorites are Number Train and Lion Roar (video below).

Food: Caleb has been eating with Little Grips utensils (he’s not really good at it but he stabs at food with the fork and tries to use the spoon). His favorite food these days: oranges (he’s a fiend), raisins, and ham. The last one is surprising because this is the first month Caleb has shown interest in meat. He usually avoids it but has eaten ham on two occasions! (I won’t include the fact that his favorite meat is: Fake meat! He loves the vegetarian sausage.)

Sleep: Caleb goes to bed between 6-7 and wakes between 5-7. He has been waking at night but usually falls back asleep pretty quickly. There are times when he does wake screaming and I snuggle him (last night was especially bad and I brought him into bed with me). It’s not tough on us because we are pretty used to frequent night wakings, so once a night feels like a breeze. He usually takes one nap a day and it last about 2.5 hours. Some days he needs two naps (those days when he wakes at 5am!).

Lately Caleb has been more interested in Daddy. It really is sweet. He laughs more with Daddy than with anyone and loves playing with him. He still runs to me for snuggles and gets pissed when Daddy tries to get him out of bed because he wants me but in terms of fun: all he wants is Dad. When they really go at it, it is like having two kids running around…so much fun! I know I say it every month but it is nuts how much he is learning each month. He is so funny and we get a kick out of watching him learn and explore his world.















2 thoughts on “Caleb: 15 months

  1. Aww those vids are super cute! Esp the one he is playing w/ Butters! As far as the animal noises, I see he isn’t advanced enough to say “nigh nigh” for the horse noise ha ha.

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