The holidays are always a blur for us. We usually throw a Christmas party, we travel for Christmas Eve and Christmas to see Manfriend’s family, and then we plan a “Christmas after the fact…and sometimes before” with my family. This year has blown by and it doesn’t even feel like it should be Christmas yet, but here it is. Whoa. So, here’s a mash-up:

Stockings: I made these. I only buy remnant fabric because I am super cheap (and I despise the fabric cutting line). I like making stockings every year; it’s sort of my thing! This year I didn’t use a template or a pattern, I just whipped them up with colorful fabrics and cream colored felt.

Christmas Party: Our Christmas Party this year was one of our best ones thus far. A lot of people showed up, the food was great, the games were a blast, the hot chocolate bar was delicious, and our friend made the most amazing cake pops! Holy crap, these were good!

Our friend also wrapped his present in hands-down the coolest way I’ve ever seen. Fancy wrapping, eat your heart out!

Decorating: I tried my hand at it. I saw a candy cane wreath on Pinterest that I was in love with so I decided to make one.

Nailed it!

Since I was still butt-hurt about the candy cane wreath, I decided I needed something more festive to cheer me up. I hung ornaments from our chandelier in the dining room. They looked so pretty when the light shined through them.

And these are scented pine cones that I threw into our crystal bowl.

Zoolights!: We went with my mom and Caleb had a blast (so did we). We went early and the benefit of that was that we got to see the zoo before the “show” started so as we were leaving we saw what we missed: the unbelievably long lines! Scuba Santa was a big hit but that’s only because he was in water. Caleb screamed at the sharks that swam by him and didn’t stay to chat and he loved the otters and seals (as per the usual for him). We enjoyed hot chocolate, horrible burgers, and chasing a toddler around who clearly knew where he belonged.

Outdoor Lights: Manfriend never ceases to impress when it comes to lights. Our little house looks so pretty and Caleb (and I) love looking out the window at the lights at night. He reminds me of my Gpa because my Gpa puts lights up every year, rain or shine. As kids we would gather around the ladder watching my Gpa put up lights…waiting…hoping to hear him say a swear word and when he delivered (he never swears but he always did then) we ran in the house to tattle on him.

I didn’t get any good pictures of the penguins or the candy cane trees that he tediously wrapped around the two pine trees in our front yard but it looks so pretty.

Christmas Picture: Each year we “steal” another family’s photo and Photoshop ourselves into it and include it in our Christmas card. Here is ours from this year:

Here is from 2010:

and this is our from 2009:

That’s it for the blur that is the holidays. I am thrilled that December is almost over! As for us? Tonight we are watching Home Alone and sipping hot chocolate (with peppermint whipping cream and chocolate marshmallows) and I hope you get to relax and enjoy this time of year in a similar fashion.

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