They are everywhere! I notice pregnant women everywhere I go. You know what this means, right? (Manfriend believes that when a woman notices all of the pregnant women around her, it means she wants a baby). I believe him. Here’s the thing though, I literally know 7 11 women who are pregnant. Eleven! That is a LOT and they are all due around the same time. Sheesh. Nine of these women are having boys, one is having a girl, and the other has yet to find out but I’m fairly sure she will be having a girl. This makes me thankful I am not pregnant right now…that’s a lot of birthdays next year. Let’s get down to brass tacks though…

Yeah, I’m ready for number two. It sort of reminds me of 2009 when I was baby craving. I know 2012 is the baby-making (not having) year so I’m not trying to rush anything but the baby craze that is taking place is making me think about it more and more because it is all up in my face. What’s worse is that I look at Caleb and think about how much I love him and how much I will love another child…and how cute this other child will be because have you seen Caleb? The guy is adorable.

We talk a lot about how important spacing our kids births out is to us. I know for some people it doesn’t matter and they prefer their kids to be close in age (hey, my sister and I are 18 months apart) but it does to us. We want Caleb to be potty trained (or almost), we absolutely have to be moved into a new house, but most of all- we really want Caleb to be involved. We want him to know that there is a baby in my belly. Not just to point and say “baby” because that is what he has learned. I like the idea of letting him help us pick things for the baby and that he will be old enough to “help” (or at least think he is helping). So, we’ve decided 2.5-3 years is the optimal spacing for us.

The other thing is that I work. I also commute with Caleb and will more than likely have to do the same with another child (this is the main reason we are planning on moving closer to my work). I get anxiety thinking about wielding around an infant and a toddler, dropping one off at daycare and scrambling to collect the other from a different daycare (because the center at the college I work at does not take children under 1 year). After talking with a dear friend (who also hopes to get pregnant in 2012) I feel a lot better about the work/infant/toddler thing because she may be able to babysit. And who the heck wouldn’t bow at the feet of a friend who would watch your child!? Seriously, it made me happy just thinking about it.

So what is the plan? You know me too well, huh? I plan on having a weekend getaway with some friends in April and I don’t want to pregnant on our honeymoon (planning on June), so we will more than likely plan for June and beyond. Want to know something else? I absolutely despise the winter months. January and February could be skipped in my opinion (to me, it’s the ugliest time of year in Western Washington and I’m just ready for spring once Christmas rolls around) so I’m pretty serious when I say I don’t want to plan birthday parties during those months. So early spring and on…

Here’s hoping!

5 thoughts on “Babies…

  1. I very much dislike Oly’s February. I drives me crazy that we cannot do her party outside, due to usual crappy weather.
    Shoot for a Spring or Summer baby for sure!

    And well, you already know my thoughts on sibling spacing:)
    Plus Oly totally helped me out, and she was 2.5, they can grab diapers, blankets, watch the baby while you pee, etc. By then she was dressing herself too! That was a huge task I wanted her to be able to do on her own when Kate came.

  2. Yes! I love the idea of the older kid being able to help out in some way. I remember wishing my sister were younger when I was little because I wanted to be able to carry her (it is weird that is what I wanted but it’s true).

    Yeah, winter is tough for outdoor parties, which seem so nice as kids get older to just push the parties outdoors. However, late September is wishy-washy where sometimes it is nice and other times it isn’t so we’re sort of on the cusp with Caleb’s birthday.

  3. They’re everywhere! Luckily for me my twin brother and his wife are having their first baby any day now, so I’ll have a beautiful baby niece to enjoy. Daniel says I may get baby fever when I see her…we’ll see.

    I went to the doctor last week, after being super sick post vacation, he kept asking if I was pregnant. I said I could guarantee I wasn’t! We definitely want Leon to have a sibling, just not anytime soon! I’m right there with you, I’m hoping Leon will be potty trained or at least in the works. I met a lady last year who said her 3 1/2 year old wasn’t potty trained yet because after the birth of her 3rd child it got put on the back burner. Not in this house! I just don’t think that’s fair to the child.

  4. Holy crap! Yeah, I am right with you. But you will probably get baby fever once you see your niece. PLUS, I’m pretty sure the next time you guys have kids you will get quadruplets so you HAVE to plan that one out! (Aren’t you both twins?). I’m sure you will get them next time!

    I think about having a baby now because it wouldn’t be hard but we have plans and I can’t let my baby fever get in the way. Plus, this age is so dang fun and exhausting I don’t think I have the energy for another one just yet!

    Hope you are feeling better. Leon’s Santa pic still makes me laugh. You need to submit that to a contest.

  5. I replied to this but for some reason it didn’t post. Darn!

    I know I’m a bit late, but yes I’m feeling much better, thank you! Great post-vacation diet, but not something I ever want to go through again!

    And yes both Daniel and I are twins. I have a twin brother and Daniel has an identical twin brother. My doctor did say that female fraternal twins have a higher percentage of having twins and it just so happens that twins run in Daniel’s family. Everyone’s been saying we’ll end up having quads for sure since we first started dating 10 years ago.. I can’t imagine! Holy moly! It would be one crazy life for sure, fun, but crazy!

    Oh and if you hear of a santa photo contest let me know! I have that one framed, its a keeper for sure! 🙂

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